Someone to be very proud of.

University of Missouri CAUSA leader El Mizzoubanazo had a great editorial published at Voices of Tomorrow:

Cuba’s Heroes of Freedom
By Nicolás A. Jiménez, Missouri
The international press recently reported Cuba’s “freeing” seven political prisoners. Some journalists seemed to suggest that their release signaled some sort of change in Cuba. Not much attention was given, however, to the fact that most of these prisoners of conscience had already served their full terms. Indeed, Jorge Luis García Pérez Antúnez, who had been in prison for 17 years was supposed to have been released a month earlier. Despite the fact that these releases were insignificant and even Cuban opposition groups warned against treating them as signs of change, the press was all over it.
Every day, Cuban independent journalists and librarians risk jail time and torture courageously reporting on the harsh realities of life under Cuba’s dictatorship. Their stories seldom reach people outside the island and few foreigners realize that Cuba’s is an illegitimate regime that has been suppressing free speech and free thought for nearly half a century.

Read the whole excellent thing.
Congrats, Nick! You do us all proud.

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