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  1. I know it’s not your intention Val to divide but I don’t think this question should even be asked. Any Cuban citizen should have a right to participate in electing or participating in government in Cuba. That is of course when the regime falls. When you live abroad as an American citizen it does not disqualify you from voting or coming back to run for office etc. Any free country has similar policies. Cuban citizenship not revocable even if the person has acquired citizenship in another country. Who is going to tell Cuban citizens living abroad that they can’t participate in a democratic Cuba?

  2. Henry,
    My intent is not to divide. Quite the contrary. But there are some very vocal voices out there that state in no uncertain terms that certain Cuban exiles, mainly those who arrived in the sixties and seventies and thier progeny should not have any say in the decision making process in a free Cuba because, I would assume, they did not live under the dictatorship and suffer the repercussions as others did.
    I am just trying to gauge the public opinion on the matter.

  3. Most countries recognize the citizenship of their people for life regardless of length of time abroad and barring any legal reason why citizenship was removed from the individual. As for the Children, most countries grant citizenship to the children of citizens. For example in a free Cuba one would think that as the Child of Cuban Citizens I would be eligible. That part is going to depend on the laws that are implemented after the the abhorrent communist constitution is dismantled.

  4. Pardonez moi! Please correct me if I’m wrong, but Iraqis in EXILE were asked to be a part of the NEW Iraq. Many of these EXILED Iraqis have been living in the U.S. for over twenty years and many are ALSO U.S. citizens.

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