Letterman: Top Ten Signs Fidel Castro Is Fully Recovered

#10. Every morning, 45 minutes of torture, followed by 45 minutes of cardio.
#9. His coat is shiny and his nose is wet.
#8. Organized six guerillas to rob Mick Jagger’s apartment.
#7. His 1959 Chrysler Imperial was spotted at IHOP.
#6. In NFL draft, was picked before Brady Quinn.
#5. Recently pimped out his MySpace.
#4. Returned to favorite hobbies of his youth like tennis and kidnapping.
#3. Tried to get on Late Show Impressionist Week 2 doing Pacino in “Scarface.”
#2. He’s put on 30 pounds, he’s wearing fatigues, he’s spewing propaganda… Wait, that’s Rosie O’Donnell!
and the #1 Sign Fidel Castro Is Fully Recovered:
Hasn’t had a “Cuban Missle Crisis” in some time, if you know what I mean…
(H/T Lou)

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