Tonight on the Babalu Radio Hour

Showtime is 8:00 P.M. Another night of freeform discussion is on tap tonight with lots of open phones and a lighting round of El Desahogo at the end. So whether it’s May-Day No-Shows or Spanish exploitation of Cubans that’s got your goat, feel free to call in. The number is (646) 652-4506
Click the image below at 8:00 PM and listen live. If you get there early make sure to reload the page at 8:00 for the player to come up. You can also subscribe to the podcast at the iTunes music store.


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Alert for Mac users from Pitbull: Can you tell me in the comments section if you are having trouble accessing the streams from BlogTalkRadio? I have a professional plug-in for QuickTime that can access any Windows Media file format or stream, yet have been unable to stream the show. I do not know if it is a browser issue (no luck with Forefox or Safari) or some Microsoft-accursed programming going on behind the scenes. Your suggestions are welcome.

15 thoughts on “Tonight on the Babalu Radio Hour”

  1. Wait , I remember now Henry, I saw a guy with a similar last name once at Oscar Corral’s blog , I think he was a regular there ….
    those were the days of Pee Wee Herman and Jonnylongfellow

  2. Henry,
    I cannot hear the stream either. My iMac/ Safari message said:
    There was a problem retrieving the XML data; undefined”
    I’ll ask my tech friend for assistance and get back to you.
    Grammy Lee

  3. COÑO! Now that I have Wed. off I tried to get in for a listen and maybe call for a comment. The link doesn’t work with my Macbook and I have friggin Quicktime pro, Realtime Media Player, and Microsoft media player.
    I’m on the case, and I’ll let you know if I can figure anything out. In the mean time I’ll be listening from Itune’s podcast.

  4. I use a Mac and have always been able to access the streams. It’s not a browser issue – as I can do it through both Firefox and Safari.
    If you can’t do this using your QuickTime plug in, why not just download Windows Media for your Mac? I downloaded it and that solved all those problems.
    If that is no longer available online (I think it’s possible Microsoft pulled its Mac version of windows media), then let try getting it from someone else of on some p2p network.
    I’ll be swinging by at Cuba Nostalgia. E-mail me or something if you want me to try burning the application for you and dropping it off.

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