7 thoughts on “Dumbass Defined”

  1. What an entertaining piece. This quote from Mr. Amiri sums it all up “[t]hese days, unfortunately, there’s not much, you know, class left.” You know? He is an ignorant self-absorved poseur, the son of a donkey [with apologies to the donkeys].
    And, what the hell is “neff”?? I looked it up in my trusty Webster’s and it does not appear to be an actual word.

  2. “And with a group of investors led by none other than restaurateur Giuseppe Cipriani and Trudie Styler–wife of Sting–at his back…”

    Vacationing in Cuba, performing in Cuba, wife investing in Socialista. Sting: just another useful idiot.

  3. This article is a huge waste of paper to put in print or electricity to push it over the Internet but worth a few laughs at the stupidity of press and the clowns who probably show up at this joint in full costume. Mean while I will be in the Ronald Reagan Memorial Freedom Room eating whatever the hell I want and it won’t cost you my friends $600 to sit down and eat with me.

  4. Little Gator,
    I’m glad you apologized to the donkeys. I know some burros who would be insulted by this fool.
    It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

  5. I find it ironic that a restaurant (plentiful food available at will) is called called “socialista” .

  6. “What socialism really means is, I give you this and you give me that. And as the door goes, I’m gonna bring you into this nice atmosphere; hopefully, you’re going to bring your great energy in here….”

    God, what a major asshole. No, idiot, here’s what socialism is:

    Government: Give me what you have, and I’ll give you what I have.

    Citizen: Okay. Here you go…now, what do I get?

    Government: Oops, sorry. Nothing. And if you complain, I’ll toss you in a cell.

    Of course, the money line is on the next page:

    Mr. Amiri later allowed that has never actually been to Cuba…

    Sure, why bother? Cubans can’t afford his $600 cover anyway.


  7. “The problem with capitalism is capitalists, the problem with socialism is socialism.”

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