Hijacking details from El Nuevo Herald

As has been noted by several commentors, the MSM has zero coverage of the attempted hijacking at Cuba’s Jose Marti airport.
El Nuevo Herald does have a pretty comprehensive story about it though. Here’s a rough translation of some excerpts.

Three armed, young conscripts were arrested this morning by police forces after a failed attempt to hijack a plane to escape the island.
According to independent journalists and neighbors the incident occurred aroun 4 AM.
“We heard gunfire and alarms,” said a resident of the Rancho Boyeros area who asked for anonymity.
The witness said that the conscripts were captured prior to gaining access to the terminal area. Terminal 2 is the terminal from which most flights to Miami depart.
According to independent journalist, Roberto Santana, the captured men had been armed with AK-47s and were fugitives since last weekend
“The word on the street is that they stole a bus that covers the route from Santiago de las Vegas to Cotorro (municipalities in Havana) and that before that they had killed a soldier to steal the weapons,” said Santana
The unofficial reports indicate that there was one person killed and another injured during the incident, although the Cuban authorities have yet to confirm any of the details.
Some witness accounts indicate that the conscripts were part of a group of four that deserted a military unit in Managua, southeast of Havana
Nonetheless, other reports say the young men had deserted last Friday from a military unit in Camagüey, where they had killed a lieutenant colonel of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR).
“The 8-lane expressway was heavily guarded on Monday when I came from Havana,” said a professor who is a resident of of the city of Sancti Spíritus, in the center of the island.
Residents of Havana confirmed that photos of the three young men were being provided to city and interprovince bus drivers since last Monday. The authorities also distributed the photos at work center, public institutions and security checkpoints in the capital.
The incident comes perhaps 48 hours after the hijacking of a fishing vessel that was headed toward Mexico with a group of Cubans aboard. Two fishermen were take hostage by the hijackers.
Last December, 3 young soldiers from the military service were involved in an altercation at the prison of El Manguito, in the province of Santiago de Cuba and escaped after killing two officers. The fugitives were arrested after an intense military operation in the area and they could face the death penalty.
The last hijacking of an airplane in Cuba was in April of 2003, when an armed man forced a russian AN-24 airplane to Key West with 40 people aboard.

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  1. Henry, Fidel castro was a no show at the May 1 parade because they were protecting him. they knew several soldiers were on the loose a traves the island ..Armed and dangerous they did not want to risk the chance of a military manhunt or uprising … They work that way and are over protective of their leaders a la Soviet style…

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