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  1. Henry, I know you know that they know this perfectly well. They’ve been lying so much for so long about practically everything that by now it’s second nature (not to mention the easiest way out as well as the safest). Of course the lies don’t solve anything; they can’t; they have no substance. Unfortunately, these people have dug themselves into such a hole that continuing the farce is all they can envision doing.

  2. Imagine that! Hard to believe anyone would want to leave PARADISE. What a bunch of ingrates! Who would want to leave a country that gives you “free” healthcare and “free” education? Right? After all, FREEDOM is nothing.

  3. I posted this statement where the actual article was posted.
    When I read this part it really turned my stomach sour!
    “The ministry blamed U.S. policies that the communist government says encourage Cubans to emigrate to the United States and also said it was a result of Washington’s tolerance of violence against Cuba.”
    These militaty hijackers risked their lives because of U.S. policies? I don’t think so! They risked their lives because in CUBA you are not free and in the US you are!
    Posted by jose dominguez at May 4, 2007 01:55 PM

  4. Two of these kids are black (just like the three who were previously executed for trying to leave Cuba “illegally”). I hope they don’t meet with the same fate, but even if they hadn’t killed an army officer, I’m afraid their chances are slim to none. The previous 3 were executed despite not having hurt anybody.
    We’ll see what those deeply concerned black “leaders” and entertainers in the US will have to say about this. I’m not holding my breath (except to avoid smelling the stench).

  5. Asombra,
    When it comes to Cuba’s Blacks, these African-American leaders and entertainers are COLOR BLIND. Don’t expect anything from them.

  6. I better consult my comrade Alejandro de la Fuente, the expert on Cuban race problems and ENCACA activist, to get his opinion on why these black young men acted crazy.

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