FBI Collaborating with Terrorists

Why is the FBI collaborating with a terrorist regime that has executed thousands of innocent citizens without due process?
A US court ruled that Luis Posada Carriles could not be extradited to Cuba because he could be tortured.
What kind of lynch mob mentality prevails at the justice department that they now wish to present evidence provided by that very same government to prosecute him? How can any evidence “gathered” by the castro regime against Posada Carriles possibly be admissible in a fair trial? Cuba is a country with no independent judiciary. There is no way to verify any evidence the Cuban government presents.
Since when do we allow unelected dictators from states sponsoring terrorism to tamper with evidence in American trials? This is a terrible injustice.

2 thoughts on “FBI Collaborating with Terrorists”

  1. When I read this part it really turned my stomach sour!
    “The ministry blamed U.S. policies that the communist government says encourage Cubans to emigrate to the United States and also said it was a result of Washington’s tolerance of violence against Cuba.”
    These militaty hijackers risked their lives because of U.S. policies? I don’t think so! They risked their lives because in CUBA you are not free and in the US you are!

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