How to piss off your friends to no end

You’ve been working all week and there’s still a huge pile of work to be done at the office.
You’ve got a ton of emails and phone calls to return for a special project youre working on.
You’ve got a blog that you need to tend to 24/7.
You’ve got a convention in two weeks that youve been running around like a madman preparing for.
Add to all that your usual responsiblities at home and with family, etc…
You are completely swamped and there’s no end in sight.
So what does your good buddy Tom do?
Why, he emails you a picture of what he did today.

That’s bled weight 32 lb blackfin tuna. can you say “wasabe?”

9 thoughts on “How to piss off your friends to no end”

  1. If he’s much of a friend he takes it to your place so you can grill it up.

  2. dan, if that’s sashimi grade tuna, you would not let fire touch it….maybe a quick sear for tuna tataki; but you have to eat it raw….if they can get any toro out of this, then it’s worth a fortune and you definatley have to eat it raw….

  3. yeah val, but that raw fish is mahua..not sashimi grade tuna. And at least by citing Hemingway’s old man and the sea, Santiago ate raw mahi mahi out in the ocean…hence in Cuba they ate sushi too . . . of course now they just eat hoja de platano ….

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