10 thoughts on “A Cuban Question”

  1. Get wet because it brings you good luck…..All i get is a nasty cold. Either way i did get wet last night trying to get to my car not that i wanted.

  2. Laz got it. Hey Laz if you think you got it bad, try keeping with tradition in New England. My husband thought I was nuts.

  3. You must get wet from “las primeras lluvias de Mayo” in order to receive blessings from “La Virgensita Maria”

  4. The way things are going in North Florida, we might not have a lluvia ever again. Must be global warming even though the forecast high today is the mid-70s. In May in Florida.

  5. Forget about getting la Primera agua de mayo in Southern California. We can go months without any rain. But heyyyyyyyyy……..I always have my sprinklers and my CD player sounding a great Danzon.

  6. Tomas agua de mayo para belleza. That’s what my grandmother used to tell me when she was chasing me down with a glass of NYC rainwater. I had my doubts.

  7. Henry- not to mention half the time it’s friggin freezing here. At least in the part of LA I live in.

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