7 thoughts on “<i>Vive la France!</i>”

  1. He believes in “merit” and “effort” and “hard work” and says he doesn’t want people dependent on welfare.
    Wow. That spells upheaval. Let’s hope there are no attempts on his life. With 5+ million Muslims in France, and a generation of retirees living off a bankrupt nanny state, he’s bound to become a target soon.

  2. I hope things start to change soon. I really miss French wines. I’ve been boycotting French products as well as Spanish, Mexican, and Canadian, etc….

  3. Yes, time will tell. Don’t forget how the Mexican Fox turned out, even though he also looked pretty good on paper, at first.

  4. Sarko already threw a blast at the filthy Marxist FARC, who are castro’s babies, in his victory speech. Sarko’s family escaped communism in Hungary so they are just like the Czechs, particularly with him being openly rightwing. I guarantee you he will have something unpleasant for castro pretty soon. I will put money on it.

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