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In my previous post I mentioned how the pro-castro propaganda is no longer coming at us in spurts but in a concerted and continuous effort by those with a leftist liberal agenda. The propaganda is coming from all sides and at all times right now.
Case in point:
Fausta reports on the Human Rights Film Festival put together by the Princeton Public Library, which will be showing two pro-castro films, one of which is titled “The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil”:
Two liberal documentary film makers waxing nostalgic about the “incredible and astounding” measures and methods Cubans took during the Periodo Especial that most assuredly have:
A) Never lived off a ration card for food.
B) Full cupboards in their homes.
C) Electricity 24/7.
D) Their own cars and access to plenty gasoline.
E) The careers of their choice.
F) The right to live in a place of their choice.
G) The right to freely express their opinions without fear of repercussion.
H) The ability to purchase any food item of their choice.
I) The ability to make a decent living wage.
J) Never had to sell their bodies to a fat foreign tourist to put food on their tables.
K) The right to be individuals and not part of the collective.
L) etc…The list is endless…
And they have the audacity to preach – in astonishment no less – about the wonders of fidel castro’s revolution?
Perhaps their “documentary” would be more aptly named “Necessity: the Mother of Invention.”

5 thoughts on “More lumps – Today’s Must Read”

  1. But don’t you know that Cuba’s lifestyle is “sustainable” to the kinds of people who wish the human population to number more than a billion?

  2. A Cuba theme at a “Human Rights Festival.” HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA . . . Oh man, I’m laughing my Fu$%ing ass off right now.

  3. This may be a bad sign or a good sign. Maybe raul’s financial balls are in a vise, and he’s doing his best to steal some money from the Americans to pay the Europeans.

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