One lump, or three?

Last week it was en editorial by former Miami Herald columnist Max “I aim to live up to my name” Castro. Week before it was the ENCACA signatories spewing forth the Cuban government line vis-a-vis Posada Carriles. Week before that it was some other “intellectual” or “academic” railing against the evil US embargo and the intransingent Cuban exile community.
Where the pro-dialogue with the tyranny stories and articles and editorials used to come in spurts, now, with a Democrat (mis)led Congress, there is an all out effort to pucker up and plant a big wet one on fidel and raul castro’s asses via the lifting of the “embargo.” And make no bones about it, the easiest way to do that is to discredit and defame the staunchest supporters of said “embargo,” Cuban-Americans, specifically, the Miami Cuban exile community.
The latest missive comes from the incredibly arrogant and downright condescending Vivian Lesnik, daughter of the infamous Max Lesnik, with a documentary called “Man of Two Havanas” that premiered at the Tribeca film festival last week.
I could barely get through a few minutes of the trailer yesterday, not because of its content, but because of Vivian Lesnik’s supercilious and patronizing tone.
In a nutshell, Lesnik uses the bombings of the sixties and early seventees here in Miami, caused by a very select few exteremist exiles – not to mention some attacks proven to have been planned and carried out by elements of castros regime in exile – and not only paints her father as some sort of protagonistic hero, but makes out the entire Cuban exile community as accomplices to said bombings and attacks and in some instances as paid lackeys of the CIA.
Nothing could be further from the truth, of course. I myself remember some of those bombings well. I went to elementary school across the street from the Replica office building and remember very well my father’s and my mother’s lamentations over the bombings of same.
And that’s the reality of it. 99.9 of the Cuban exile community are decent, law abiding people. 99.9 percent of the Cuban exile community are and have been upstanding citizens. You dont get to the level of political and economic clout that Cuban-Americans have in this country by terrorizing the population. You get it by hard work, determination, and abiding by the laws and mores and ethos of this country.
Lesniks “Man of Two Havanas” will most assuredly be playing across the country to audiences primarily already predisposed to label our community as a bunch of extremist, intransigent terrorists, yet anyone with even a modicum of perception, anyone with any understanding of the truth and anyone that has ever met a Cuban exile or Cuban-American family, will undoubtedly know that Lesnik’s brush takes very wide strokes, with little, if any, reality based substance as paint.

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  1. Henry,
    I dont have the timne right now to put together a post on Max Lesnik and his penchant for fidel adoration. I just wanted to post on the “film” and what it amounts to: bullshit.

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