Defining words

Imagine the courage possessed by the man who would answer this question like this:

José Martí stated that the pain of the political prisoner is the most cruel and devastating because it leaves scars that can never be erased. Do you agree with him?
“The pain of the political prison system is the crudest of pains. It is a pain that kills intelligence, dries the soul, humiliates and never goes away. It is so certain that today I look at the pain of my brothers that are still in prison. I also see my body with scars from the tortures and beatings. But when one fights for a just cause, for a noble ideal, it is a driving force to continue in the fight.”

Go here to read more about this brave patriot.

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  1. I used to think that Jose Marti was an asshole, is incredible how how much the mother commies have distorted the truth an have stolen our heroes in order to sell their ideal, No tienen perdon los muy hijos de puta

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