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The first message:

From: Henry Gomez
Subject: Contact
Date: May 9, 2007 12:15:37 AM EDT
Do you make it a policy to print the press releases of all totalitarian dictatorships in their entirety or just Cuba?
Henry Louis Gomez

The reply:

Subject: Re: Contact
Date: May 9, 2007 12:53:54 AM EDT
To: Henry Gomez
Hello Henry.
If you know anything about NewsBlaze, you’d know that isn’t true.
This looked like an interesting item that people should know about.
Releasing a person who has been talked about as a terrorist for a very long time
just might be of interest to people who live in Miami – or any other place he might go
and the Cuban government aren’t the only ones who think so.
In an open society like the US, there is one group of people you can read
about just as much as you read about your friends and that is the people who
you think are your enemies.
– Or do you subscribe to the belief that you only listen to one side of an argument or conversation?
If the only complaint you have about the item is that it came from Cuba,
then its a minor thing. If Cuba is so bad, why is it that there is so
much interaction with Cuba?
Its a very strange game that is being played.
Did you send a similar letter to the US government when they allowed
Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela to enter the US?
Did you send them a letter when they supported the Maoists in Nepal?
Will we continue to publish press releases from Cuba?
Probably not, unless there is something of interest.
NewsBlaze Editor

And the reply to the reply

The American media rarely covers Cuba and when it does, almost without exception, it does what you did. Namely repackage something from Prensa Latina (Fidel’s PR firm) without any corroboration or investigation. That’s not journalism. The court order in this case has been made public.
Anyone that reads it will understand that this case wasn’t about terrorism it was about immigration. Read the court order and you will see that the judge dismissed the case because in her words:
The realm of this case is not, as some have suggested, terrorism. It is immigration fraud. Terrorism, and the determination of whether or not to classify an individual as a terrorist, lies within the sound discretion of the executive branch. It does not lie with this Court…
For example, a typical defendant convicted of all seven counts with which Defendant is currently charged would receive a maximum sentence of six to twelve months under the United States Sentencing Guidelines. In addition, any time that such defendant served in federal incarceration would more likely than not qualify such defendant for time served, or at the very least, probation.
As with each and every defendant who comes before this Court, Defendant in this case is entitled to certain rights under the United States Constitution. This Court will not set aside such rights nor overlook Government misconduct because Defendant is a political hot potato. This Court’s concern is not politics; it is the preservation of criminal justice.

You took a statement from an admittedly biased source, published it in its entirety and provided no actual facts or opposing opinion to balance it. Nothing you wrote me mitigates this fact. I never said Posada was innocent. Just that you published an opinion of a totalitarian state without question or thought or investigation to its veracity.
Unfortunately it’s not just your outlet that does this. The New York Times actually created the legend of Fidel Castro in 1958 and hasn’t stopped cheerleading for him since.
At this point I can’t expect anything more from the American media, but your act of publishing that statement was such a gross injustice that I had to comment. I hope you are proud of yourself knowing that have joined the long line of editors and reporters that enable the most oppressive regime in the Western Hemisphere to stay in power through a carefully planned and managed propaganda campaign that covers all of the “good” in Cuba and none of the bad.

8 thoughts on “Recent email exchange”

  1. Way to go Henry.
    The ‘ideocy’ potential of the “useful idiots” club here in the United States never ceases to amaze me.

  2. The United Nations incorporated the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” in its Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 under article eleven, section one. The European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights in 1953 incorporated it in article six, section two; and the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights incorporated it in article fourteen, section two. There is ALWAYS a presumption of INOCENSE, consequently, no person shall be considered guilty until convicted by a court. Not the MSM, not public opinion, and definitely not the Cuban government in the U.S. The BURDEN OF PROOF lies with the PROSECUTION, and if I remember correctly, Mr. Posada Carriles has not been found guilty of terrorism in ANY court of LAW (in the U.S. or abroad).
    But NOT only DOES the judicial system guarantee the presumption of innocence, journalistic CODE of ETHICS (which we all know the MSM lacks) states that journalists should “refrain from referring to suspects as though their guilt was certain. For example, they use “suspect” or “defendant” when referring to the suspect, and use “allegedly” when referring to the criminal activity that the suspect is accused of”. Perhaps, the MSM need a refresher course on Journalistic Ethics.
    I have yet to hear the words ALLEGEDLY when referring to Luis Posada Carriles’ from the lips of ANY (and I mean any) journalist from any of the network stations (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, WPBT, or FOX). Has anyone? I would really like to know.

  3. I give the guy credit for at least answering your note in a reasonable tone. The MSM is loaded with stooges that use Prensa Libre material as if it is completely un-biased material. It never ceases to amaze me. Prensa Libre… a crystal clear example of an oxymoron.

  4. Good Work Henry! You got those “tontos Utiles” on the defense and they gave us all a glimpse of how they use the words “Purportedly” ,”allegedly”, “reportedly”,…Just as we predicted—the extreme left wing in the United States in support of the terrorist regimes of Cuba and Venezuela are up in arms. We can expect to see an unprecidented attack on the CubanExilie Community from the communist scum and there allies.
    As for me…..I say thatDon Luis Posada Carriles is a PATRIOT. GOD BLESS HIM AND KEEP HIM SAFE!

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