Tonight on the Babalú Radio Hour

Tonight on the Babalu Radio Hour we’re going to discuss specific mathematical algorithms and their effect on complex c-values for which the orbit of 0 under iteration of the quadratic map x2 + c remains bounded, otherwise known as the Mandlebrot Set.
Ahem. . .OK, so my money is on our not covering fractal geometry on tonight’s show, but given this week’s goings on, it’s not like we wont have enough stuff to talk about. We’ve got a quick update on Cuba Nostalgia, the El Exilio Project, BUCL, the orbit of 0 and global cooling. Give us a ring, the number is (646) 652-4506, and we’ll field your calls.
Click the image below at 8:00 PM and listen live. If you get there early make sure to reload the page at 8:00 for the player to come up. You can also subscribe to the podcast at the iTunes music store.


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  1. Mandlebrot? The only Mandlebrot I know is an Ashkenazic version of a biscotti (more like a wanna be really, the biscotti are much better).

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