You get what you pay for…

With this weekend’s premiere of the film “Salud” (the castroite propaganda fluff piece on Cuban healthcare) at the Princeton “Human Rights” Film Festival along with the screening of same at the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science, there’s no better time to expose the reality of Cuba’s lauded “free healthcare.”
Cuba Watch has put together one of the more comprehensive assesments of Cuban healthcare available which can be found in this introduction post on pdf format. It is today’s must read and the starting point of our consolidated effort to bring the realities of Cuba’s “free healthcare” to light.


Photo above from this post on Cuban “healthcare” at YucaBaby.
If you prefer visual confirmation of the healthcare sham, with tons of photographs of the state of Cuba’s “healthcare” this page at the Real Cuba is the place to go.
For much more on Cuba’s “free healthcare”, including eyewitness and personal encounters with same, check out the following:
From Blog for Cuba: If it’s so great, why doesnt fidel use it?
From 26th Parallel: You get what you pay for.
From Uncommon Sense: Not everyone in Cuba is afforded healthcare.
From Medicina Cubana: The two faces of Cuba’s healthcare.
From La Contra-revolucion, a video of a Cuban having stitches removed.
From Charlie Bravo, another personal experience, plus Michael Moore get nailed by US Treasury Department.
Ill be adding to this post all day, and below you’ll find related entries on Cuban healthcare:
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The floggings will continue unti morale improves.

6 thoughts on “You get what you pay for…”

  1. Fox News needs to get a hold of some of this stuff. This morning on Fox and Friends they were running the michael moore “PIG” story about the great Cuban healthcare system and his SICKO so called docummentary. The only e-mail they mentioned was someone who stated that cagASStro’s doctor is from Spain. How lame is that?

  2. As I see it, Moore and others of his ilk are examples of the old Nazi propaganda principle: Lies repeated enough times will eventually be taken for the truth, at least by enough people to make it worth the effort. A classic, expert practitioner of that principle, of course, is the Castro regime.

  3. I wonder if that is lead based paint on the crib in the photo you posted on this blog entry?

  4. Hitler said it best, “If you repeat something loud enough, long enough, and often enough, people will believe it.”

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