BUCL Sponsor Profile: Abajo Fidel

The latest sponsor of the BUCL campaign for Cuban independence from Spain is Abajo Fidel.

The person responsible for that blog is Fantomas.
Who is Fantomas?
What did you say and what does it mean?
Nothing, Everything.
But what is it?
No one, and yet, yes, it is someone.
And what does this someone do?
He puts fear into the heart of the Castro tyranny.

So what else do we know about this international man of mystery? Well back in March of last year, Fantomas reported exclusively for another campaign sponsor, TheRealCuba.com, about the World Baseball Classic. Remember the fuss that was created when some folks put up some signs that said “Abajo Fidel” at the ballgames? Fantomas was there.

3 thoughts on “BUCL Sponsor Profile: Abajo Fidel”

  1. Well said Henry and let me add to that. Fantomas has to be one of the hardest working Anti-Communist Blogger in the Blogmosphere. Besides being stealthy he can be straight forward “In your Face”. He can be very controversial and he could be very compassionate. Yes That’s Abajo for you, “Floats like a butterfly and stings like a Bee”. Also Fantomas posts on his Blog in Spanish and English. Along with Asha from Castrianism he dedicated the most time of all the Cuban-American bloggers on the Venezuelan elections. Oh, and he has done all this damage in one year, happy birthday Enrique, great job!

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