The children eating Prometheus

My lovely wife sent me this article today and I wanted to share it with all of you in English translation. I’ve been unable to find an original in Spanish. Any help in this regard would be appreciated.

Mexico City, Oct. 17 (EFE) – The revolution in Cuba “was not democratic” and neither is it communist now, “but rather a vulgar State capitalism also called ‘Fidelismo,'” affirmed the grandson of Ernesto “Che” Guevara, Canek Sanchez Guevara.
In a letter and a “self-interview” that is being published today in the Mexican weekly “Proceso,” Canek harshly criticized the “messianism” of Fidel Castro and the change of direction he made for the revolution, transforming himself from “the young revolutionary to the elderly tyrant” who “falsified” an ideal.
“The revolution gave birth to a bourgeoisie, a repressive apparatus intended to protect itself from the people and a bureaucracy that distanced itself from the people. But above all it was anti-democratic due to the religious messianism of its leader,” he indicated.
In his writings, Canek strips bare, one by one, the reasons why the Cuban revolution distanced itself from its original purpose, such as “the criminalization of being different” by means of the “persecution of homosexuals, hippies, freethinkers, anarchist and poets” and the installation of a “socialist bourgeoisie… pretending to be proletarian.”
“The revolution died years ago in Cuba: it had to be murdered by those who invoked it to keep it from turning against them, it had to be institutionalized and smothered by its own bureaucracy, by corruption, by nepotism and by the verticality of that famous organization: the ‘revolutionary’ Cuban state,” he said.
In addition, he didn’t hesitate to brand the Castro regime as a dictatorship and accused Castro of betraying the initial ideals of the revolution.
“In effect, Fidel liberated Cuba from Batista’s gangster dictatorship, but with his obstinate permanence in power he only achieved a reversal, turning himself into a dictator,” he asserted.
“All of my criticism of Fidel Castro begins with his distancing himself from libertarian ideals, from the treason committed against the people of Cuba and the fearful surveillance established to keep the State predominant over its ‘people,'” he added.
The eldest grandchild of Che Guevara stated that the repression that exists in the island, with its “perpetual surveillance over individuals” and “the prohibition of associations that might exist at the margin of the State” is nothing but “a vulgar State capitalism” that, according to him, will die with Fidel.
“Let’s be honest, a young rebel like Fidel Castro used to be would be immediately executed in today’s Cuba, not condemned to exile,” he stated.
[Canek] Sanchez Guevara ended by saying that Marxism in Cuba is “only a scholarly classification” and that it is from a Marxist perspective that “one can see the noisy collapse of a falsified ideal.”
The eldest grandchild of Che Guevara was born in Cuba; he is 30 years old and is now a Mexican citizen. He presently lives in Oaxaca and is a writer and graphic designer. His mother, Hilda Guevara, was the first child of the guerrilla leader.

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  1. Go to:
    Search: 17 octubre 2004
    “Cuba–un ideal falsificado”
    Canek Sanchez Guevara

  2. I read that letter some time ago and all I saw on it was that he is ignoring the murderous and boldly history of his grandfather and blaming it only on the Castro brothers. In my view, this letter was an attempt to disassociate his grandfather image from the crumbling image of the Cuban communist regime for witch he was as responsible as Castro to avoid that when the government in Cuba finally succumb to its own weigh, his grandfather memory reminds unharmed.

  3. The other thing that he misses is that a cult-of-personality dictatorship is what all attempts at Marxism/Socialism/Communism end up being. Marxism rails against capitalism and corporations but always ends up delivering a government that is the ultimate corporation — and merely transfers capitalism from the free market where individuals and businesses can publicly compete and display their strengths (and more importantly, expose each others’ weaknesses) to a closed market that never sees the light of day where the government does all the buying, selling and producing with no accountability to anyone.
    Che’s grandson is right about Castro, but sadly he doesn’t know how right he is. Marxism is the ultimate robber baron and inevitably produces people like Fidel.

  4. Yes, it’s obvious Canek is just trying to “clean himself” (se esta limpiando) and that he still does not accept how evil is perpetuated by anti-human ideologies. Yet his critique of the Cuban regime, coupled with his lineage, perhaps will reach blind followers of Cuba’s devolution.

  5. Every communist revolution has become a “socialist bourgeoisie… pretending to be proletarian.”

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