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  1. Porno para Ricardo is a very talented rock group, they are also incredibly brave to express themselves so openly in such a repressive society, where any criticism can lead to imprisonment.
    I listened to the program and I must say that Gorki is, also, very articulate. Some Castrophiles telephoned the call-in segment of the radio show and started talking BS, but Gorki stayed calm and answered in a very intelligent manner.
    We should all help Porno…and I believe that we can best do that by buying their CDs on Pornopararicardo.com. What’s more, I believe that we should start a campaign asking the Police who are going to perform in Cuba to visit with Gorki, to ask on their behalf.

  2. thanks for the linkaso. The radio show was a success… Listen to this… Gorki did not know that The ´police ( sting ) was going to perform in Cuba, he was very surprised when I told him. He had never appeared on a radio show where listeners asked questions live… , he was surprised by it… The radio podcast will be available soon free of charge for all of you either at http://www.contactocuba.com or http://www.abajofidel.blogspot.com…Charlie Bravo or kill was able to talk to Gorki , tambien Roberto Companioni..thanks guys …

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