8 thoughts on “Too many idiots about Cuba”

  1. Moore for sure.
    And Carlos Santana doesn’t belong anywhere on that list. He’s a fool, to be sure, but his foolish remarks have been mostly about Che and he has (supposedly) said he would like to be see a free Cuba on that Estefan DVD,
    Besides that, he’s not in the business of informing people. These other choices are activists, documentary people, and educators. At least Santana is good for SOMETHING.

  2. Beacon idiot gets my vote. I don’t think Michael Moore qualifies, as I don’t believe him to be an idiot. If he were simply an idiot, he’d be benign. Michel Moore is evil.
    The biggest Cuba idiot, in my estimation, was absent fromon the list. Danny Glover richly deserves this award — IMHO.

  3. Pastors for Peace have been visiting Cuba for the past SEVENTEEN years delivering “food and medicines” (or so they claim). Their web page states the following: “The US embargo of Cuba causes shortages of food, medicine and other important supplies for eleven million people. The embargo is an immoral policy that uses hunger and disease as political weapons.” For years, Pastors for Peace have been drilling this LIE to U.S. citizens, as well as LOBBING Congress, in order to END the EMBARGO and NORMALIZE relations between the U.S. and Cuba. These so called Pastors for Peace work with the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Center in Habana and with the Cuban Council of Churches (remember little Elian?).
    El REVERENDO MIERDA, Rev. Lucius Walter, a representative of Pastors for Peace, during a presentation in the Plaza “of the Revolution,” in Habana, Cuba, in May 1, 2003 demanded the following of the united States: “As a pastor, and as a citizen of the United States, I sincerely plead with my own government to cease its hypocritical lies and distortions about Cuba’s human rights record — for in fact the United States itself is the worst violator of human rights in this hemisphere. As a pastor for peace, I plead with my own government to stop labeling Cuba as a terrorist state — when in fact the US harbors and finances terrorists, criminals, indeed murderers of Cuban citizens, allowing them to openly operate terrorist training camps and freely walk the streets of South Florida with the stated purpose of being terrorists to overthrow the Cuban government. As a pastor for peace, I call on my government to stop encouraging illegal migration, and to abide by the 1995 immigration accords.” All of this in the name of GOD! Can you believe this crap?
    El REVERENDO MIERDA and his organization Pastors for Peace (AKA Pastors for the spread of Communism,) are by far the biggest IDIOTS.

  4. Remember that an idiot is someone who doesn’t know any better. Most of these people know better, which makes them far worse than idiots.

  5. Asombra,
    I believe Marc was using the word “idiot” in the offensive term rather than the literal “a person of subnormal intelligence.”
    Of course, in my opinion, subnormal intelligence is also applicable in this case.

  6. “I sincerely plead with my own government to cease its hypocritical lies and distortions about Cuba’s human rights record”
    Huh? Am I missing something here? You’re against the embargo – fine, so-be-it, but “lies and distortions about Cuba’s human rights record?” What lies and distortions? The evidence is all there. I’m guessing this fellow also believes “claims” that 6-million Jews perished during the Holocaust were also fabrications? What a boob.

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