Gore Vidal on Cuba

Robert Scheer interviews Gore Vidal about his recent trip to Cuba. Vidal is a perfect example of a “Useful Idiot”. This man has been a castro apologist for decades; the level of his ignorance boggles the mind.
Which is better, Cuba or China?

My take is that Cuba is probably more successful for the people who live in it. It was so rare to see a contented people. Everything they’re doing, thus far—I don’t know what they’re doing secretly—but what they are doing is very good. There is no sullenness among the people which you get with great masses that don’t quite know what their government is.

Asked if he met with castro:

No, I didn’t meet him, no. I’ve been invited by him a dozen times over 40 years, and for one reason or another I was never able to go. Then suddenly, the last invitation, I thought, “Oh, I’d better do it. I’m in the springtime of my senescence and presumably so is Castro.” We’re both 80, 81. And I thought, “I’d better do it.” The second I said yes, he goes into hospital. So I never saw him. But I certainly got to know the vice president, who’s the head of the Assembly there. I was fascinated. There were 20 or 30 Americans, mostly from around Manhattan, studying medicine. So I got these 30 Americans, also through their late 20s, and I said, “What’s it like?” I said, “You don’t have to snow me.” They said, “It’s just wonderful.” Every last one said, “None of us has the money or the means or the scholarships to go to medical school, so if we qualify, pass certain tests and so on, we get a medical education here in the hospital.” And I said, “What’s the quid pro quo?” The government is paying for their food, their lodging, their residence, their books.

Free medical training? Not even close, especially if you factor in this: (my emphasis)

They said: “It’s very simple. We’ve been asked that once we’ve completed our medical training, that we’ll work in Cuba or in a country allied with Cuba. Venezuela or something. You know, sort of serve a little time, and then go out into the world and practice.” This is contrary to the American way.
Everything we do, we do in bad faith. We’re always out to get somebody, particularly anyone foolish enough to put themselves in the hands of our government. They [Cuba] seem to be playing it pretty straight with these kids.

Read the whole vile thing here.

8 thoughts on “Gore Vidal on Cuba”

  1. Can anyone out there tell me why these people believe this crap? Why are they tricked to believe that the Cuba gov’t is for the people?
    Nothing is FREE! Not even the education in Cuba is free. You have to work for another country to pay back and also, you have to work in Cuba for 15 pesos a month for the rest of your life. Either way you PAY!!
    I’ll throw up now!

  2. “…unequivocally, I would rather live here. (The U.S.) I require a certain individual freedom.”
    Unequivocally. But he wouldn’t want the same for average Cubans. Elitist, classist, racist…I don’t know where to begin except to scream.

  3. I have many possible words for Mr. Vidal, a classic limousine liberal, but one will do for starters: UMAP. You know, the concentration camps for undesirables (at least to the government). Undesirables like HOMOSEXUALS. You know, like Mr. Vidal.

  4. Now kids, we all know why Vidal goes to Cuba so much? One word. P-I-N-G-E-R-O-S. MY APOLOGIES TO VAL ON MY CHOICE FOR SUCH FOUL WORDS, but that is the reasons many travel to Cuba – for the cheap multi racial fooling around.

  5. Second of all – this was the funniest interview on Cuba I have ever read. I could not stop laughing.

  6. -“My take is that Cuba is probably more successful for the people who live in it.”

    Really? Tell me, give me some examples of some of these “successful” people?

    -“They’re turning out thousands of doctors”

    Really? Tell me, what’s their annual income?

    -“Vidal: Would you rather live in Cuba or the United States just for quality of life?
    -“Scheer: …I know you’re going to tear my head off, but on an island, I felt claustrophobic.”

    Really? “Claustrophobic”? You mean like….Dr. Biscet’s current residence, courtesy of your friend Fidel?

  7. Ziva:
    He’s not ignorant. He’s a complicit fellow traveller who’s made his deal with the devil. Ironic considering that he’s a maricon and we know how much the regime just respect them.

  8. Vidal is both contemptible and very sad, as in pitiful: an old, OLD queen still panting for a nod from the supposed “macho grande,” who’s even more decrepit. This is not what I’d call aging gracefully.

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