T minus 4 days…

…and counting….
I trust you all had a great Mother’s day yesterday and were able to spend some quality time with las homenajiadas – or ojo meniadas as I like to say – and the rest of the family.
As you know, Cuba Nostalgia kicks-off this Friday at 11 am so the next four days for me are insanely busy. No matter how soon I start working on or preparing for the convention, it seems like every year the week before the start of the event is all about a plethora of loose ends that need to be taken care. Ive got tons of stuff to finish up this year and only a few hours to do so.
So, please forgive my sparse appearance here for the next few days. There’s just way too much to do still, plus a pile of work at the office that needs to get done by Wednesday as Ill be off work until next Tuesday.
Hopefully Ill only need two, maybe three more trips to Home Depot.