Battle Against Ideas

According to this article in the Palm Beach Post, what we have here is a “Battle of Ideas”.
Yes, from the fertile mind that brought you the mini-cow, the air conditioned Belgian cow , the coffee gardens around Havana, and the draining of the Cienaga de Zapata, we have “the battle of ideas.”
Cuba recasts Battle of Ideas as reform push

“Fidel spent more than 7,000 hours planning all of this,” said Otto Rivero, a member of the Cuban Council of Ministers charged with overseeing the campaign. “The guiding principles are that there are no problems without solutions, that we must act with speed and that the priority is the interests of the population over the bureaucratic contradictions.”

That’s like almost a whole year that fidel spent coming up with his battleplan. There you go, Otto, nothing like 48 years of gaining momentum to act with speed.

The U.S. government and Cuban exiles in America assert that most Cubans endure meager lives of stark repression, low wages, poor health care and almost no chance to buy the few material goods available in the Cuban economy.
Although there is no independent verification of the statistics, Cuba is clearly attempting to repair its dilapidated infrastructure and deliver more goods and services to its people.

As you can see, castro’s “battle of ideas” is really a battle against ideas, truth and reality itself, aided by reporters that have lost the battle of getting a clue and happily parrot all the ideas that are given to them by minister of ideas without “independent verification”
Castro’s battle of ideas was clearly lost from the beginning of the revolution since he had to resort to lies, propaganda and force to institute his ill conceived ideas. Even today, when the majority of the population was born after his ideas were instituted, Cubans reject castro’s vision of paradise and embrace the symbols of the free market economies.

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  1. “Fidel spent more than 7,000 hours planning all of this.”
    I actually believe he did spend 7,000 hours planning it.

  2. This could also be an old Mao tactic for flushing out “counter revolutionaries”. At one point Mao put an order just like this one saying “Let a thousand flowers (ideas) bloom”, in the name of encouraging reform. As soon as everyone put forth their ideas, those whose ideas he didn’t like (most of them) were sent to the Chinese gulag.

    I understand Raul is an admirer of Mao and China so maybe this is his idea.

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