Cuba stages mock trial

Posada has been tried in abstention in a mock trial in Havana. Put on by Cuban university students, there was a panel of judges, and thirty-two witness for the prosecution.
It was just like a real Cuban trial, there was no defense offered, and it only took two days to reach a guilty verdict…. based on testimony from a “mock” witness:

”I consider him a danger to humanity,” said Dager Aguilar, a law student who testified against Posada based on evidence provided by the Cuban state.

Unfortunately, this mockery of justice mirrors the reality of the unjust judiciary Cubans have suffered for 48 years, and you don’t see their stories in the Miami Herald.
Read the whole thing here.

5 thoughts on “Cuba stages mock trial”

  1. There is a 28 page report on a link I ran across last week. It is a very interesting read on the matters concerning Posada Carriles. One of the things it talks about is the British entity’s report on the explosion. Said entity was hired by the Barbados government.
    BTW, the report is in Spanish.

  2. Why don’t they stage a “mock” Nuremberg-style trial for fidel, raul, and company? Isn’t Cuba “El Primer Territorio Libre de America?” Wouldn’t that be part of the maximum comatose’s “battle of ideas??”
    Whassamattah, no guts? I forgot – that’s fidel’s problem.

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