11 thoughts on “Fred Thompson vs Mike Moore? (Updated)”

  1. I think Fred is talking about Nicolas Guillen Jr. son of the famous Cuban poet and admirer of the Revolution. A few years back I met in Miami Beach a Bulgarian lady who had emigrated to Cuba as the wife of a Cuban student in Bulgaria, and subsequently divorced him and married Nicolas Guillen Jr. and she had told me about the internment of her husband in the mental Institution Fred mentioned here. So I can add that the story happens to be very thruthful. But that old “Sicko” tub of lard could not care less about any dissident. His real love is anything anti-american to see what profits he can make from his hatred of the US. I hope he gets a few months in jail where he can at least enjoy some sex during his stay,even if it just happens to be the homosexual kind.

  2. I think he would mop up Moore in a debate but putting Moore on a stage with him only serves to elevate Moore’s stature and reduce the next president’s stature.
    Note. When I refer to the “next president” from now on, I will be referring to Fred Thompson.

  3. I hope Fred Thompson gets into the primarys soon. The primary will be held in January 08 so he needs to buck up and announce now!

  4. What a man! People will be ready for Fred after the other candidates have beaten themselves bloody. I think he is smart to stay out of the fray for now. It is still early.

  5. Guillen is the Cuban who made the film showing castro climbing a mountain. In the background, Guillen played the song, “The Fool on the Hill.”
    That documentary put Guillen in a mental institution, where he enjoyed castro’s free electro-shock health care.

  6. Anyone have a transcript? As usual with my work computer (none at home) I can’t access it.

  7. In the video, Thompson says he doesn’t have time to debate Michael Moore on castro’s health care system. Then Thompson suggests that Moore ask his “buddy castro” about documentary filmmaker Nicolas Guillen.
    Says Thompson about Guillen:

    “He did something that castro didn’t like, and they put him in a mental institution for several years, giving him devastating electro-shock treatments.

    “A mental institution, Michael. Might be something you ought to think about.”

    The video doesn’t mention what Guillen did that castro didn’t like. It was Guillen’s movie scene of castro climbing the mountain to the tune of “Fool on the Hill.”

  8. It goes without saying that Moore is an utter ass clown, but Fred’s rebuttal of this simpleton is priceless. I cannot wait to support Thompson in the primary, and in the general election.
    Run Fred, Run!

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