Oh, Canada!

Reader Greg R sent in the following pictures taken at the Toronto Airport showing not only blatantly false advertising, but wanton disregard from our “neighbors” to the North regarding the human rights violations and apartheid system in Cuba.
It’s all cool, you see. As long as Cuba has tropical beaches, super cheap prices and those pesky natives ar kept at bay, the island is Canada’s playground.


This next one says Cuba is “friendly and diverse” and shows what I assume are a young Cuban family, all smiles and with apparently not a care in the world:

Man! Those brown Cuban natives sure look happy dont they? Who needs freedom of speech! Who needs freedom of association! Who needs pesky things like food on their tables! Cuba is paradise I tell you! Paradise!

7 thoughts on “Oh, Canada!”

  1. Oh, that mulatica is making me homesick to travel to Cuba again this summer. I wonder where I can get her phone number. . .

  2. I guess there are 2 Greg R’s here. Anyway, it seems Cuba is advertising all over Europe too. Many posters here in Germany

  3. I just got an e-mail from a relative in Cuba. In it he states that he has everything. Sure, he has necessities, but he laughs them off. That the “Lucha Diaria” (Daily struggle), is the national sport. That the freedoms I hold dear are nothing but superflous. After all,he says, he’s part of a new generation, an engineer who works in a university. Great, I answered him, you must be fidel’s “New Man”. The kind that studies and works hard never to see the fruits of his labour. The kind that doesn’t dream for if he did, he would go insane and launch himself in an inner tube in the Florida Straights. I hope some day soon, baseball will be the national sport again and not this “Lucha Diaria” at which he’s become a champion.

  4. there’s no way they could be Cuban, they’re at a beach, reserved for tourists in Cuba’s aphartheid

  5. A little “guerrilla” counter-propaganda suggestion: slap stickers with Babalu blog’s and/or The Real Cuba URLs on the carts.

  6. The people pictured in these ads are, naturally enough, models. They may or may not be Cuban, but even if they are, models are never random or average specimens of any population. They weren’t used for this campaign for nothing.
    Canadians, from what I hear, are supposed to be nicer-than-average people, as people go. However, I have no personal experience to confirm that. At best, this Cuba-as-playground mentality bespeaks both ignorance and shallowness, and quite possibly latent racism.

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