Not Pissed at the Spanish Enough?

OK. Fair enough.
Watch this video from Iberia Airlines and then talk to me.
Via The Real Cuba who has much more:

The Spanish airline, Iberia, has a video advertising a contest where you can win a trip to Castro’s Cuba. It is a cartoon of a baby who wins one of those trips. When he arrives in Cuba, he is surrounded by “mulatas” in bikini who massage him while he is at the beach and in bed. In another part of the video the baby is shown in a convertible, drinking and accompanied by the same black women.
The baby then asks the girls to “take me to my crib,” where he receives another massage and tells everyone to enter the Iberia website to “come here with me because this is incredible.”
The Spanish Federation of Consumers in Action (FACUA) has demanded that Iberia removes the video because it is denigrating to Cuban women.
“The video is denigrating to Cuban women because it shows them as “mulatas” in bikinis who are at the service of tourists 24 hours a day, to dance for them, to massage them, and provide them with food and drinks,” said FACUA.
It is not only denigrating, it is insulting that a Spanish airline would think that Cuba is still its colony and that the 11 million Cubans are slaves who are only good for massaging and taking care of every need of Spanish citizens.
It is also denigrating and insulting to see the current Spanish government supporting this exploitation by its association with the Castro regime.

7 thoughts on “Not Pissed at the Spanish Enough?”

  1. But Val, be like, uh, cool, you know? It’s just BUSINESS as usual. So the thing is insulting, paternalistic, opportunistic, racist and completely exploitative. So what else is new? Big companies have to make big profits. Gotta keep those stockholders happy. Besides, it’s OK to deal with third-worlders this way. No need to be moral about it; they’re just like happy little animals for the amusement of Europeans and such. Just curvy, juicy beasts of burden. They deserve to be used.

  2. I agree with asombra’s sarcasm.
    I will add that it is truly sad to see those types of characterizations used to promote a free trip to a place where the locals have no freedoms.
    That really was disgusting…..

  3. Sarcasm aside, I know that big business, in Spain or elsewhere, is in it for the profit, not for the good of mankind (unless that happens to be profitable). Advertising, Spanish or otherwise, is typically manipulative and deceptive, in keeping with the bottom line. However, there’s such a thing as stepping over the line and going too far. This is too much.
    By now, the Spanish simply cannot claim ignorance of the fact that Cuba is a seriously oppressive, rigidly totalitarian society NONE of them would want for themselves or their loved ones. Yet here they are totally ignoring that, as if it were a trivial matter, and simply serving up visions of mulata tits and ass to eager Spanish customers.
    The message is clear: “Never mind that Cubans live in a horrible system under horrible conditions. That can be turned to our advantage. The poor natives are desperate enough to cater to the most repulsive, fat, oily old Spaniard, and the price is quite reasonable. Just look at that succulent mulata flesh, just waiting to be had! So come on down to Cuba, and have a good old time while the getting’s still good!”

  4. They took the video off their website. I still won’t go to Spain on vacation or fly Iberia. They only took it off because of all the pressure put on them, but I am sure they still feel the same way. As a Cuban woman, I was very offended at this video and plan to do everything I can to boycott Spain and anything having to do with them.

  5. So they yanked the video. OK. So where’s the official apology? If anybody hears of one, please let us know. Where’s the Don Imus-type outrage over these grotesque caricatures?Remember the flap over Mexican postage stamps depicting a fictional black character, with people like Jesse Jackson getting seriously bent out of shape? Where’s Jesse and company on this “Mulata Mammies” video? We’re all waiting.

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