Tonight on the Babalu Radio Hour

As usual we’ll be on the air at 8:00 PM tonight. Please make sure that if you intend to listen to the show make sure to reload our blog talk radio page on your browser at 8:00 PM. I suspect that many of you are actually listening to the previous week’s show which automatically starts to play if you hit our page too soon. Also for those of you who forget about the show or simply prefer to listen to it later, you can go to the itunes music store and search podcasts for Babalu. You can subscribe to it there. But beware that there’s two listings. One is out of date and only has the first few shows. The other is the one with the more recent shows and the correct one if you want to subscribe.
Tonight we’ll be taking as many phone calls as we can get in. If you have something on your mind like coprophagic columnists make sure to give us a call. The number is (646) 652-4506. Or if you are shy you can drop us an email.


1 thought on “Tonight on the Babalu Radio Hour”

  1. lol I fricken sounded like a guajiro. I wasn’t up to date with the topics since I was kinda busy debating some dude on Ron Paul and how Fred Thompson would be better. Anyways, oye one more day para Cuba Nostalgia! Que Rico!

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