BUCL Sponsor spotlight: Asymmetric

Nelson Guirado is the driving force behind Asymmetric, tonight’s BUCL Sponsor Spotlight.

Asymmetric is an eclectic blog that reflects the interests of its editor. He calls the collection “Heterogeneous Opinion and Commentary. Topics covered include: politics, Tech Reviews, Cuban Music, Religion, Movie and Book Reviews, Military and Education. He even has satire section called Comrade Chad and very funny humor section.
He might get an argument from me but, in post from January, Nelson says that Miguelito Valdez was a better singer than Desi Arnaz. You be the judge. By the way, Ziva recently posted a video of Valdez singing none other than Babalu.
Thanks to Nelson for sponsoring the BUCL campaign for Cuban independence from Spain. Make sure to drop by Asymmetric, you’ll be glad you did.

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