7 thoughts on “Gorki apparently released”

  1. This has probably already been mentioned, but wouldn’t it be awesome if The Police invited Gorki and Porno para Ricardo to open their Havana concert?

  2. Yeah, if The Police where serious about human rights, they’d make such a move. But with the Havana concert, Sting has proven he just pays human rights lip service, lip-synching that tune as it were. It’s like rushing to play East Berlin knowing the wall is about to come down. But with the advent of Gorki and his band, The Police now have an opportunity to make a real stance for human rights in Cuba.

  3. Just get it through your heads: Gorki is a paid mercenary for the US. You know, like all the so-called political prisoners. He’s just a CIA tool, like everyone in Cuba that disagrees with the government. That’s what the Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs pretty much claims, and he ought to know. He said as much right in front of the Spanish Foreign Minister, and Mr. Moratinos had no problem with the statement. Who are we to question such unimpeachable sources? Do you see the MSM seriously questioning official Cuban government statements? Case closed.

  4. Maybe that should be our next campaign? Get Sting to advocate on behalf of Gorki. We have all of the until December to try. With enough publicity we may be able to stir Sting’s conscious. Remember, Sting is British and he’s bombarded with even more Castro and Che adoration that we are here in the USA. I’m willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. He may be in entertainer’s la la land somewhere lost in a miasama of pro-Castro propaganda. Remember, even the Mayor of London is a Castrophile who’s preparing for big pro-Castro bash in London.

  5. Ray and all,
    I agree with your campaign idea. As a Cuban-American and as a musician, I want to get involved in this.

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