The Bug

You’ll remember that last year, after Cuba Nostalgia, the unctuous Ana Menendez wrote a column decrying the commercialism of the event. On Thursday, while I was wandering about the sponsor party, I realized why it upset her so much.
As I schmoozed with the guy from La Caja China and mingled with artists like Tony Mendoza and Rick Blanco it hit me like ton of bricks. These entrepreneurs, inventors and artists have something that Ana is jealous of: creativity and talent.
After all it takes a talented and creative person to build an entire business on the roasting of a pig or to put something on canvas that people will treasure as long as they live. It’s certainly a lot easier for her to attack her own people with an unmerited viciousness in a fishwrap that’s losing readers by the minute. Even if she does win a few awards, when she looks in the mirror she knows in her heart that those are empty accomplishments.

Photo credit: Robert Birnbaum

Nothing Ana Menendez writes will survive beyond 24 hours. It must be tough to be around so many people that you feel inferior to.
I think that’s it. That’s the bug that Ana Menendez has up her ass.

10 thoughts on “The Bug”

  1. LOL! But did you really have to put up her picture Henry? Just slap a number on her and she’ll be ready for the Preakness!

  2. Whew, that picture is DAM ugly! How do you say CARA DE CABALLO? Give her some hay!
    By the way, horse face has written another vicious article. Did you see her latest from the 16th? And she takes at gratuitous swipe at Cuban Nostalgia. I’m sure that the reference to Miami in the waning days of Nostalgia is a subtle reference to Cuba Nostalgia.

  3. Henry, You should have put a warning about her picture at the start so we could be prepared to see that ugly mug before we scrolled down. I think everyone should stop comparing her to a horse, it is an insult to horses!!! They are such beautiful animals with such grace, something ms. arrepentida will never have. I agree with you Henry, she is just green with envy because she sees what cubans have accomplished without having to lower ourselves to her standards. I will be there tonight, proudly taking in all that Cuba Nostalgia stands for, the pride and love that we have for our country and hoping that Cuba will be free soon.

  4. You’re absolutely right Orgullosadercubana! Horses are beautiful, graceful and dignified animals, what’s more, they are loyal! Many have died fighting for freedom along side of soldiers. Ana–acomplejada y resentida– Menendez who is an enemy of her own people is the total opposite of loyal and therefore–as you point out– very unhorselike.
    I guess she’s more like Medusa. If you remember the legend of Medusa, she was so ugly that anyone who looked upon her face became instantly paralyzed. That’s the way I felt when I scrolled down and suddenly saw that face.. Yikes! Fortunately, I was able to muster a surge of strength and I teared myself away from her picture in time to avoid total paralysis!

  5. mrcs,
    If I remember correctly that picture is from the TV series Mr. Ed (the talking horse). There is no comparison between him and Ms. Menendez… Mr. Ed was a very smart horse.

  6. Firefly: Sorry about the photo confusion. According to Cuban Patriot, Ana Menendez and Mr. Ed were twins separated at birth. Indeed, Mr. Ed is definitely smarter. Wilbur. . .

  7. You would think that with all the plastic surgeons in Miami she would have had that nose REMOVED and those teeth ????? Was up with those teeth??

  8. Her negative comments bring alot of attention to her from the exiles that get aggravated. I wonder what would happen if no one would react to her articles?

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