Independence Day

I dont know if they’re celebrating Cuban Independence Day in Cuba today because in many aspects, the people of Cuba have yet to rid themselves of the Conquistadors. Whereas once the Spanish anihilated the Mambises and forced religion onto the natives, today, the Spanish exploitation of the Cuban people is an economic one. Sol Melia hotels, Iberia Airlines and other Spanish entities enrich themsleves at the expense and through the sweat of the Cuban people who are, for all intents and purposes, slaves in their own country, mastered by a government that desperately clings to power by selling its own people to the highest bidder, all the while professing a social purity that is non-existent.
So today, May 20th, Cuba’s Independence Day, wield your cyber machetes and help fee the Cuban people of their Spanish slave masters. Email your local Spanish consulate and embassies. Email Iberia Airlines and Sol Melia Hotels. Email your friends and spread the word. Dont buy a drop of Spanish Olive Oil or any other damned product imported from Spain. If money is what the Spanish are seeking in Cuba, then let them know that those of you who live in freedom have a choice, and you choose not to be complicit in bondage and the exploitation of a nation.
Viva Cuba libre.

5 thoughts on “Independence Day”

  1. You forget that Cuba has Spanish heroes. For example, Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo. The former bartender at Eloy’s Bar in Havana in the 1950s returned to live in Havana a few years ago to promote a dialogue and peace. He had to sacrifice abandoning his wife and children in Miami for the sake of his goals, including the attempted reopening of Eloy’s Bar at the Melia Hotel. Although El Gallego Menoyo has not been on the news lately, I am sure that he will soon be instrumental in bringing peace to Cuba as an intermediary of Moratinos and the Spanish socialist government. Peace out.

  2. Menoyo is a Spanish Socialist who as a bartender can make a great Cuba Libre (Rum and Coke). He is a true patriot because when Fidel Castro gave him $150,000 as a reward for infiltrating and denouncing the first anti-Castro conspiracy in August 1959, Menoyo did not keep a cent and donated all the money to the Agrarian Reform. I know, I am the world’s leading economist on Cuba!

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