1 thought on “Thanks to American Thinker”

  1. just emailed Sean Hannity to see if he could spread this to his media venues:
    Dear Mr. Hannity,
    You my friend, are a great American. Anyways, 105 years ago today, Cuba declared herself independent of Spain. Yet as you know Cuba is not free, not only do the Cuban people have to endure the 48+ years of enslavement and being ruled by a Stalinist regime, but they also are now undergoing exploitation by Spanish policies and investors. I want you to carefully read these sites: https://babalublog.com/ and http://bloggersforcubanliberty.blogspot.com/
    …and all I ask is for your help in the Cuban Community’s cause of spreading the word about B.U.C.L via Your radio show, your site, and your t.v. shows. This way we can really deal a massive blow to the socialist government of Spain, and the Communist Tyranny in Cuba. Get listeners and watchers to join the cause.. Please don’t let this fall on deaf ears.
    From one American to another,

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