4 thoughts on “Then there’s the food”

  1. Dear Val, Henry, and all:
    I’ve been hearing great things about this year’s Cuba Nostalgia efforts. Keep up the great work. I’m really impressed with the Spain campaign.

  2. I drove over from the west coast of Florida with my four year old “Cubanita” twin girls. Got there on Saturday about 5PM. There was so much to see, do, taste and try on …Only the oppressive heat made it so uncomfortable for my family that I had to turn around and leave before we all melted. What a huge disappointment! I did not realize they were trying to recreate the Cuba of today – No air conditioning!
    I know it was not only us since I saw many people fanning themselves, wiping their brows as they stood in line for cold drinks.
    There were several items I wanted to purchase, but the heat and its effect on my kids made it impossible. Ten minutes after we entered, my kids went from enthusiastic, excited and wanting everything to demanding we leave because they were hot.
    We would love to return next year but will only do so with guarantee of air conditioning.
    I spoke to the person in charge of the Fair Grounds. She said it is hot because the promoters will not close the doors and she agreed it was way too hot.
    Go figure.

  3. Dr Z are you sure you were at the Miami 2007 Cuba Nostalgia.Expo .. I was there 8 hours saturday and had plenty of air conditioning…Sunday I was there also and did not feel much heat unless you go out to the second hall …

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