Michael Ramirez Takes On Michael Moore


Pulitzer-Prize-winning political cartoonist Michael Ramirez is Jeff MacNelly’s brilliant successor in political cartoon artistry. His work is like no one else’s. And here’s the best part: He has the same opinion about the vile castro as we do. So he’s one of us.
Ramirez went to Cuba on some journalistic dog and pony show a few years ago and almost got thrown out after he managed to illicitly broadcast some truthful messages to the Cuban people that dissent from castro’s line. He had to. What he saw in Cuba, the ravagement of the land and the despair of the people was very vivid. But unlike the media there, he didn’t turn his eyes away from it. What he saw stayed with him and explains why he does so many anticastro cartoons.
He does tremendous cartoons and will continue to do more. He took a good double shot at Michael Moore and castro’s grotesque claims of all that free health care, two phoninesses that must really repulse him in this cartoon above.
The rest of his work can be seen here.

5 thoughts on “Michael Ramirez Takes On Michael Moore”

  1. The cartoon is a distortion of the truth! The cell is far too big to be realistic 🙂

  2. Not to mention that fifo is being much to kind to michael moore. We all know that in Cuba’s prisons no one gets that fabulous “free health care” Cuba is so “famous” for.
    On another note…
    I have seen Michael Ramirez’ cartoons before and I’ve always get a kick out of them. I think they are the best.

  3. Great cartoon, only Moore probably hasn’t been that well dressed in his whole porcine life.

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