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These photos were emailed to me. It looks like some enterprising person has decided to start a guerrilla (pardon the use of the word) campaign of their own with BUCL‘s artwork.




We don’t sanction the illegal posting of flyers or stickers, but these pictures do make us smile.

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    My home town of Brooklyn New York City!!! Fugetaboutit. If it makes you smile Henry, I’m grinning from ear to ear. Ur…. ummm… but… of course, as an attorney, I do not in any way sanction any act that would be a possible violation of laws or regulations. (He said with a wink and a cough.)
    Abe “El Consigliere” Cardenas

  2. Here is the complete Cuban National Anthem, as appears in the book by José Manuel Carbonell, “La Evolución de la Cultura Cubana,” Vol. VI, p. 165.
    It denotes the sentiments of the mambises toward their Spanish oppressors. The Cuban Republic did away with all but the first two stanzas, so as not to “offend” the Spaniards who, like Fidel Castro´s father, remained on the island after they were defeated and continued controlling the economy.
    The post-Castro Cuban Republic should officially reinstate the entire anthem.
    Al combate corred, bayameses
    que la Patria os contempla orgullosa;
    no temáis una muerte gloriosa,
    que morir por la Patria es vivir.
    En cadenas vivir, es vivir
    en oprobio y afrenta sumido,
    ¡Del clarín escuchad el sonido;
    a las armas, valientes, corred!
    No temais los feroces iberos
    son cobardes cual todo tirano;
    no resisten al brazo cubano,
    para siempre su imperio cayó.
    ¡Cuba libre! ya España murió
    Su poder y su orgullo ya es ido
    ¡Del clarín escuchad el sonido;
    a las armas, valientes, corred!
    ¡Contemplad nuestras huestes triunfantes;
    contemplados a ellos caídos;
    por cobardes huyeron vencidos,
    por valientes sabemos triunfar!
    ¡Cuba libre! podemos gritar,
    del cañón al terrible estampido,
    ¡Del clarín escuchad el sonido;
    a las armas, valientes, corred!

  3. Gee I wonder who could have been responsible for such vandalism? Wouldn’t it be a shame(cough cough cough ahem) if similar criminal acts (which I of course do not condone, cough cough) of vandalism are committed in other cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, San Juan, Mexico City, Rome…Madrid.

  4. Fantomas loves these types of cover actions… Henry I urge you to inmediately use some of the BUCL new and leftover funds to print say 2000 stickers like the ones in the picture.. I do believe that Fantomas and his thugs will cover the San Juan area with such stickers withou any problems… Do not worry, other cities will jump in this beautiful bandwagon that was born today

  5. Mr. Gomez: You are conducting yourself in an improper manner by fomenting these Mafia-type tactics. I will ask attorney John the Lionhearted to investigate if you have violated any conspiracy laws. Expect another letter from him! Woe is you if you are caught red-handed or your fingerprints turn up of vandalized property. If these obnoxious stickers start appearing on the Miami Herald newspaper vending machines, that will be sufficient proof that you are behind this.

  6. Wow, New York, New York, there’s no other place like it. Although we do not sanction this, they are situated in great locations. I wonder if there are any more. Jose(

  7. Marifea — Thanks for the warning. When I read your message, I immediately grabbed my flashlight and went out to our Center for Cubanologo Studies at FIU and made sure that none of those pesky stickers are there. I have warned security and gave them photos of Henry Gomez and Val Prieto and told them to be on the lookout for them if any stickers appear plastered at FIU. Now I can go to sleep in peace.

  8. Se la comieron!
    I would definitely sanction the plastering of these stickes all over the “Spanish” owned hotels in Cuba.

  9. Despite all the death and destruction of the War of Independence, and all the crap that went on before that, the Spanish in Cuba pretty much got off scot-free. Cubans were nothing if not forgiving and magnanimous. A prime example is that someone like Castro’s father, a Spaniard who had fought on the Spanish side, was allowed to stay undisturbed in Cuba and prosper (boy, was THAT ever a mistake). “Family ties” won the day (I emphasize that Cuba was the most ethnically Spanish of all the Spanish colonies). Also, after the war, there was a tremendous amount of Spanish immigration into Cuba.
    So how did Spain repay us? We all know the answer, and it’s not even remotely pretty. Spain has been doing business with the Castro regime since Franco and, either directly or indirectly, enabling and catering to his totalitarian regime. This has been partly about financial or material gain, obviously, but that’s not all there is to it. There’s the anti-Americanism element, and also the “take that, you ungrateful child!” element. There’s a lot of dysfunctional psychology at play, not just greed. And then, of course, there’s the ideological affinity of the Spanish Socialists (when they’re in power) for anything leftist, however horrible it may be.
    In other words, Spain would seem to be pretty hopeless, and expecting any different may well be “pedirle peras al olmo.”

  10. These photos gave me an idea. I made stickers and I am putting them on all my envelopes that I mail, even the bills. This way, they will see it at my post office and at the destination post office, as well as the receiving company. One way to get the message out there all over the Country. With the bright colors, it is sure to catch people’s eyes.

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