Spanish government keeps digging hole.

Given all the negative press the Spanish government received over their collusion with fidel castro’s government, they are now going through the motions in an attempt to show some kind of backbone or some kind of humanity regarding the human rights issues on the island.
Guess what theyre gonna do?
They are going to “ask Cuba to allow the Red Cross and human rights groups greater access to the island.”
What a crock of shit. Or, as Frank Calzon of the Center for a Free Cuba says “This whole thing has been a farce.”

2 thoughts on “Spanish government keeps digging hole.”

  1. Yes, it is a total crock of shit, but consider the source. It’s perfectly in character. These bastards are so far gone that this is about the best they can come up with, even though they’re in serious need of damage control and they know it. They’d have been better off not adding insult to injury.

  2. No surprise here . . . now these banana-heads can say – but wait, we’re pressing for human rights too!
    What a bunch of boners!

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