Time for Spain to put up or shut up

It seems that the Spanish government is considering extending citizenship to the grandchildren of those born in Spain. Currently Spain will grant citizenship to those whose parents were born in Spain. It’s possible that millions of Cubans could qualify for Spanish citizenship under the new law, if approved.
According to the article, which is from Contacto Cuba, there will likely be diffiiculties in establishing the birthplace of the grandparents of many of the applicants and that Cuba’s willingness to recognize the citizenship will be tested. You see the reason Cubans would want Spanish citizenship is to get off the island since it’s one of the few countries that WON’T LET YOU LEAVE.
I’m betting that Spain won’t pass such a law. First of all I’m not quite convinced that they’d be willing to pay Cubans like Spaniards. To date they haven’t wanted to judging by their policies toward Cuban workers on the island. Secondly I don’t think they’d want to do anything to offend their friends in the castro regime. Having several million people scrambling for documents that could be their free ticket out of hell is not exactly the kind of publicity that castro inc. enjoys.
Of course if it does come to pass and there are several million new Spanish citizens being held hostage on the island, it will be interesting to see if Spain makes an issue out of it. And what about the US? If you pick up a Cuban rafter at sea with a Spanish passport, one would think that he’d be repatriated to Spain not Cuba.
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  1. Too little, too late. Looks as though Spain is trying to pop a cork into the dam-break of outrage over its rekindling of ties with the regime.

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