Don’t miss this broadcast

Sorry for the light posting folks, I’m away from home and computer. If you’ve been following the news from Venezuela, you know that yesterday Hugo Chavez closed Venezuela’s most popular TV station and his Supreme Court confiscated the station’s property. Tonight at 7PM EDT Fausta is hosting an important podcast with guests Thor Halvorssen, President and CEO of the Human Rights Foundation, Daniel Duquenal of Venezuela News and Views, Miguel Octavio, of The Devil’s Excrement, and oil industry expert Gustavo Coronel.
Please tune in, the link is at Fausta’s Blog.

2 thoughts on “Don’t miss this broadcast”

  1. Media idiots are still claiming despite multiple sources of evidence of fraud that Chavez won the elections “by a wide margin”

  2. Thank you Val – this was really a very informative podcast and it was an honor to listen to Daniel, Miguel, Thor and Octavio.

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