The Score? Babalu 1; Spanish sex tourism 0

Iberia Airlines has YANKED its obscene-content ads promoting Cuban sex tourism, as Babalu and its Cuban allies – Abajo Fidel, 26th Parallel. Marc Masferrer at Uncommon Sense, The Real Cuba and others (please name ones I missed in the space below) – have sought, following the exposure of them on this site here and here. Babalu spearheaded the effort to get rid of the garbage, and today, Iberia came out and said it was removing its ‘racist, sexist’ ad. It didn’t say anything about communist-coddling but there’s no doubt they heard loud and clear just what the people were saying. This is a great victory for humanity. The American Thinker has a short writeup on the trash that’s just been shitcanned in this piece here.

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