Chavista Ape Show

Having spent all day watching Chavistadom on the Publius blog today, I’m kind of worn out about how low they will go and nothing should surprise me about them anymore.
But then there was this video I found on Feathers‘ blog, its content is so repulsive it looks like a satirical depiction of chavista barbarism – except that it’s not some malevolent product of Chavez’s enemies. It’s perfectly real.
The video shows a castrolike repudiation mob swooping down on the opposition television station, Globovision, which I visited in Caracas. I remember the walls and streets of the area well. Now as I watch this video, I can seem them being spray painted, trashed, and desecrated by this huge pack of rhythmic animals as the helpless program director tries to stop them. No cops showed up to stop these barbarians, they just did their dirty and danced around and roared off on motorcycles and junk cars, spewing pollution and noise.
It is so weird to watch this – after you watch it, there will be no doubt in your mind that man has descended from apes, because these chavistas devolved into something primal. They were like a nightmare. They jumped up and down in unison, hoot hooting, scratching their armpits, making ape noises together, and just kept dancing this ape dance that was so repulsive and undignified. And they all did it wearing big che tshirts. Maybe it’s stranger to see if one watches it with the sound off, as I did.
Most doing this gorilla dance prominently sported not just che guevara tshirts, but bandanas, and Venezuelan flags emblazoned with che’s mug on them. And they danced and danced, vandaling away with it.
This is the ape ghost of che in action, swinging from trees, baring its teeth, flaying its limbs and jumping, jumping, jumping, looking for all the world like it belongs in a cage.
Which as a matter of fact, these chavistas do. Feathers said they made her sick to her stomach because Venezuelans are completely defenseless against them, all of whom are affiliated with the emerging communist state there. She’s right. Yet I can’t help but wonder if shame wouldn’t do something to them … if they were human. And if Venezuela were a democracy. Well, they apes and Venezuela’s becoming a prison, so perhaps that explains why they’ve chosen to become wild animals. The call of castro’s wild.
I couldn’t remember how to post a YouTube, so the video is either at Feathers’ site, or here. Watch the whole thing because some of the grossest stuff is in the last few minutes.

7 thoughts on “Chavista Ape Show”

  1. The miserable cowards covered their faces because they don’t want to own up to the consequences of their actions. They have now joined the ranks of bank robbers, terrorists, anarchists, and executioners.
    As for the MSM ignoring what is happening in Venezuela well… They are just doing what they do best… NOTHING!

  2. I think the man interviewed said it best “the beginning of the end”. Castro has destroyed yet another country. BTW notice the che worshippers all had che bandanas and shirts? May the Venezuelans rise up while they can.

  3. Take comfort in this: Venezuelan borders are easier to cross than Cuban borders. castro has found it so much easier to intimidate people in this way who cannot leave and cannot successfully smuggle out their relatives and others the regime can threaten.

  4. One more thing!
    Now that minime has achieved total control of the media in Venezuela, he will be working on total control of the internet. Enjoy it while you can.

  5. Excellent video
    I am sure it will get widespread attention, and perhaps cause Chavez some problems.
    A friend writes:
    “G-2 Cubano gana terreno en venezuela
    Una periodista Venezolana , especializada en salsa , son y
    ritmos Caribeños , reclutada por el G-2 Cubano, EX DIRECTORA
    DE RADIO REBELDE DE CUBA y reconocida agente del Castrismo
    Internacional, será quien presida el nuevo canal TVES . Sobra
    decir , que dicho canal recibirá sus directrices, directamente
    de la Habana.”
    Do not know if this is correct

  6. I’m not happy over the situation in Venezuela, and I certainly wish Chavez had never reached power, but Venezuelans asked for this. Unlike Castro, Chavez was always easy to figure out. Just looking at him and listening to him for a few minutes should have been enough, and there was plenty more reason to avoid him like the plague. Maybe I understimate the degree of ignorance or stupidity out there, but this was a totally avoidable tragedy.

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