Ethiopia honors 150,000 victims of castroite Marxism

Ethiopia lost 150,000 people to Marxism led by the minions of fidel castro in the 1970s, during what was then called the Red Terror, in the era when castro’s troops marauded Africa. Jimmy Carter’s weakness was a key reason why they thought they could get away with it and did.
Those terrible years devastated to the nation, killing a huge generation of Ethiopia’s people. The castro minime who played puppet to the regime was a monster called Haile Mengistu, who now lives scotfree in Marxist Zimbabwe, a place where castro gets the red carpet treatment.
Now Ethiopia, (like Estonia and other places sincere about ridding themselves of the curse of communism), is remembering and honoring the 150,000 victims of castroite communism that whose atrocities have been so ignored, since Carter made the whole decade a slum. It’s good that they do, because they will never erase the horror of communism by ignoring this, any more than they can bring back the lost lives.
Name one human rights activist who really cares about this? Name one Pinochet scold, who’s constantly lecturing the world about the evils of the generalissimo’s fascism, who cares about this? Name one self-described moral paragon, some Al Gore or Rigoberta Menchu or Nelson Mandela, who really cares? None of them do.
Ethiopia carries on alone, but in the end, it will be healed.
I only look for the day when Cuba, with its comparable numbers of dead, does so, too.

2 thoughts on “Ethiopia honors 150,000 victims of castroite Marxism”

  1. Mora:
    I absolutely concour. At least Ethopia can honour its dead in peace while Estonia is the victim of a concereted internet attack from Russia.
    I,too, look forward when Cubans can honour the dead and victim of castrismo while the camerilla faces the justice it so deserves.

  2. Ah, Jimmy Carter. I really thought he’d hit bottom in terms of denial, shamelessness and desperate desire to redeem his disatrous term as president. I was wrong. His recent tirade against Bush (regardless of what one may think about Bush) has to be the ultimate case of someone living in a house of the most delicate glass and still throwing boulders at others. Unbelievable. But, on second thought, not really. What a total waste of a “statesman.”

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