4 thoughts on “Memorial Day Remembrance”

  1. Every single person in uniform deserves our thanks for doing what we would not do to preserve our freedoms and our way of life in America.
    And to all of you military haters out there: FUCK YOU and the environmentally safe car you rode in on.

  2. To my best buddies in my old 355TH Army Aviation, to my son’s 3/2 Marines L Co and his buds and to all that served, serve and will serve we owe this being the best nation ever.

  3. To those in uniform who have served, are serving and will serve, you have our thanks and support for all you do for us up to and including those of you who give your lives that we may be free.
    Don’t listen to the newsmakers and naysayers we are with you!! We know the truth of your efforts on our and others’ behalf.
    On this Memorial Day we honor those of you who have died to keep us safe and free.
    May the G-D of Abraham, Isaac & Israel, Moses and Joshua watch over you.
    Emily Nelson
    P.S. to those US citizens who give aid and comfort to our enemies, try to demoralize our troops and try to get us defeated:

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