Disrespect? Yes. Outrageous? Absolutely.

The one thing I took time away from my Benadryl haze this weekend was to hoist my flag yesterday for Memorial Day. I flew a special flag yesterday, one I received from my congressman that had flown over the Capitol. I also placed two smaller flags on my lawn that I obtained from a former Air Force pilot.
Thoughout my elementary and junior high school days, I was always on flag duty. Raising Old Glory every morning and bringing her down every afternoon.
Just this morning, the owner of the office building where I work came to see me first thing. Under his arm a brand spanking new American Flag to replace the old one we changed last Memorial Day.
I love the American Flag and while I acknowledge the right of any American to burn said flag in protest, I can safely say that they best not ever attempt it in front of me, for I will do everything in my power to prevent it. Call it oppression on my part, call it me stifling some else’s freedoms, call it what you will. I will not stand by and watch the very same symbol of this nation that has afforded me everything and for which millions of men and women have sacrficed and died be desecrated in such a fashion. There are many ways to protest, burning a flag is the lowest of all and an insult to those who gave their lives for those same flag burners to be able to burn said flags.
That said, this is an absolute outrage, and I hope those bastards that committed this atrocity are caught and brought to a swift, excrutiatingly painful justice.

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  1. I am with you Val. I put MY LIFE on the line defending our Flag. I WANT to see it RESPECTED ALWAYS and if someone should do otherwise in my presence…..they will see how un Cubano/Boricua
    reacts cuando se le sube lo de negro.

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