First up: Anita Snow

Yesterday, Child of the Revolution reported on a Granma editorial stating that foreign correspondents are mere lackeys of the US.
Today, the first foreign correspondent to kowtow to the Cuban government is none other than the AP’s Anita Snow, burying what little journalistic integrity there remained at the AP’s Havana Bureau, in a piece reminding all about how Cuba was the playground of mafiosos and gambling mecca of the American rich:

Mafia driver’s death unnoticed in Cuba
By ANITA SNOW, Associated Press Writer
Mon May 28, 6:11 PM ET
HAVANA – The man who was Meyer Lansky’s driver and bodyguard during the Mafia’s heyday in pre-Revolutionary Cuba died earlier this year, a curious footnote in a communist-run country whose past as a gambling mecca for vacationing Americans is all but forgotten.

Gee, thanks for “reminding” us, Anita.
Which news organization will be next to pucker up and plant one – or two – big wet ones on fidel’s one – or two – asses?
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6 thoughts on “First up: Anita Snow”

  1. val,gracias por postear este articulo,si no lo haces,no me hubiera enterado de su muerte,..conoci a ese “personaje”,no he tenido la oportunidad de leer su libro…acabo de leer el articulo de ana,no se si jaime lo puso en su libro o no,tampoco se si ana lo sabe o no,pero jaime fue viceministro al principio de la “robolucion”,pero fue “tronado” en una epoca donde el no era el unico practicando la “dulce vida”,eufemismo que se le dio a la accion del gobierno de castro de quitarle cargos a unos cuantos,por variadas razones….

  2. hey my dad did odd jobs for meyer lansky when he lived on miami beach.. he said he was very nice and helpful to the cubans who lived there.. he would run to grab the newspaper, or pick up bagels, stuff like that.. i think he caddied for him and frank sinatra’s father once if i remember the story correctly.. my dad always said, if you didnt know who he was, you could never tell from looking at him, he was just like any of the regular retired old folks on miami beach and blended in..

  3. Yup,
    I’ve gotta say, this myth of the American mafia “owning” Cuba is getting really quite old. It has always struck me as a sort of smack in the face of Cuba and Cubans – ala: “these folks couldn’t run their own successful businesses so they had to import a bunch of thugs to run things for them. Silly, offensive and old.

  4. It’s amazing how common and accepted prostitution has become. Havana is full of foreign journalistic whores with highly “respectable” news organizations as their pimps. Of course, if Snow had refused to turn tricks, her employers would have found someone else to do it. There always have been and always will be prostitutes, because, by definition, prostitution pays.
    Curious how the foreign bureaus in Havana don’t make an issue of all those Cuban independent journalists who are either in jail or being seriously persecuted and harassed for trying to tell the truth. On second thought, it’s not curious. Makes perfect sense. Putas are putas, after all.

  5. C’mon Val, aren’t you being too hard on Ms. Snow? I mean what else is there to cover in sleepy (and happy) Cuba? It’s not like there are any political prisoners to write about or crumbling buildings or rampant corruption or a “leader” that hasn’t been seen in public in 8 months. I bet you’d have to go back to ancient history to come up with a story idea too.

  6. That’s just it, Henry. If the MSM won’t cover the many, MANY stories in Cuba that cry out for investigation and exposure, what the hell is the point of a Havana bureau? Who can possibly respect the job the MSM is doing in Cuba from a journalistic standpoint? Which brings up, of course, the obvious conclusion that the MSM knows perfectly well it’s playing the regime’s game and is quite willing (or even happy) to do so. You’d think, though, that they’d care a BIT more about looking so VERY compromised, integrity-wise.

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