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  1. When is this blog going to start tackling the IMPORTANT issue at hand? Who cares if Fidel is dead yet or not. He’s going to die soon enough and good riddance of el puta. The REAL question is What is this blog doing to further the independence of Cuba? Or offer some sort of opinion on what should be the next phase of cuba after Castro.

  2. fidellolz,
    While either of teh two castro brothers remain alive and in power, the “Independence of Cuba” is a non sequitur. And, if you will peruse the archives of this blog, you will find many opinions on a post castro cuba.
    So, do us all a favor, do your research before commenting inanities, or like my randmother used to say “Los niños hablan cuando las gallinas mean.”

  3. Hey Fidel?Lolz…. are you for real? What is this site doing? Ok…. If you’re being sarcastic then…. funny… real funny. But if you’re serious then you need to read just one weeks worth of post to this blog to get an answer to your question. When is the important question and the real issue as you identify them dealt with on this blog? My answer… every freaking day!!!
    Abe ‘El Consigliere’ Cardenas

  4. A nonsequitar? A nonsequitar? So let me get this straight, all the Cuban who have died while the asshole has been in power are just part of a big nonsequitar. Maybe you should choose your words more carefully. And as for the last opinion I saw posted on here about reform in Cuba?….where is it? Who has addressed the diplomatic or military or whatever advances we are going to make in Cuba soon? All I see are bashings on liberals, bashings on Ana Menendez (who reads her fucking articles anyways, she’s an idiot) and how dumb fidel is (WE ALREADY KNOW!!!). But where is the substance of the fight? Instead of the bashing (which can go on for years as you know), where are the real opinions of what we can possibly do after fidel dies.
    A nonsequitar? give me a break

  5. P.S. It’s sad that you treat your readers as if they were “children talking” as opposed to people in the fight with you, but maybe with suggestions or questions. Don’t do that.

  6. Fidel lolz,
    Again, peruse the archives of this blog – there’s 4 years worth – before coming here with comments like the ones youve just made. Also, I hope you are Quincy Perkins as your email states and that you will respond to the email I just sent you to both email addresses I have for same.

  7. fidel
    when i first found this blog i was as pissed as you seem to be.. lots of the same “hot air blablabla no answers, no solutions”, just alot of the same “rhetoric” for lack of a better word.. while i dont agree with everything/ approach here, val and the other contributors arent the problem.. trust me, everyones “heart” is in the right place here.. with a topic as complicated as this, you will never agree with everyone..

  8. (My name was supposed to be Fidel?lolz as in “Fidel ? Gimme a break..”) that hasn’t translated well though. I thank you Daniel for understanding the frustration. As a long time reader of this blog, you are right, I have seen posts before that address the question of “waht next?”. Maybe it’s my frustration of living in the same head about cuba for such a long time and wanting to move forward. Who knows. I do appreciate this blog more than I can say though and meant no disrespect. I know Val personally and he has helped me quite a bit and love teh other commentators as well. We just all have that needs sometimes to have all our questions answered at once. In the case of Cuba, I guess that can’t happen right now.
    Forever a loyal reader

  9. If I post about fidel castro being alive or dead its because I deem its important. I think we can all agree that while the bastard is alive, absolutely no change will occur in Cuba. Since this blog is frequented by members of the MSM – with many inbounds from those MSMers in havana, and sicne these same members of teh MSm willfully ignore the truth about Cuba in their reporting, its important for us to keep bitchslapping them as much as possible.
    Some may prefer that we discuss what needs to be done to further Cubas independence, but while the castro brothers remain in power, writing about Cuba’s future is putting the cart before the horse.
    let’s take ’em one battle at a time.

  10. I have been perusing Babalublog for over a year now and find it a worthwhile clearinghouse for pertinent information about Cuba, even though I may not agree with all opinions stated by the bloggers.

    And Val, just wanted you to know that there are Cuban-Americans out there who are liberal and extremely anti-Castro, and also believe that lifting the embargo (what is actually left of it) will do nothing to topple the dictatorship. That includes me. I think that exposing human rights abuses by the dictatorship is much more important at this point than lifting the restrictions on family visits, or travel to Cuba in general.

    Fidel_lolz, your complaint is understandable but perhaps misdirected. As a Cuban-American, I myself am frustrated at the stagnancy of the situation, but it results from this waiting game for the dictator’s final end and lack of access to the island in a *productive* way. I have yet to hear of exiles who travel to Cuba with their family licenses fomenting any kind of public protest. Indeed, many are afraid to do it, for fear of acts of repudiation by the government against their families. But still…

    One way to take action is to join or support groups like Raices de Esperanza. It is a great organization of hope and solidarity that actually takes action. Check it out.

  11. It’s “non sequitur” — it means, literally, “it does not follow.” It can also be an “absurdism” which seems pretty appropriate considering the comment…

  12. I think we all wish he was dead, not only because that will mean the end of his tenure as Tyrant in Jefe, but from a Christian perspective, he will finally have to account with God for all his evil deeds. I don’t think that will end his form of tyrany, but it will be a milestone on the road to our freedom. His little brother is 76 years old and with a known chronic drinking problem, which will be exacerbated by his older brother’s death. Heck, he might even be facing a revolt from within the military after the jefe dies. Nobody knows, even the CIA admits they are in the dark and have little credible intelligence into what will happens when he dies. So I don’t think Babalu have any better sources to know what will happen after he is dead. Right now we are all hoping for the best(from our cuban perspective)and sometimes I think it has already ocurred and they are just covering up. Other days, I am not so sure. In my household we all wish we knew he was dead already, but I think this game will go on for a while. How long? No one I think really knows, except the main players of the hide and seek game on the island.

  13. Again, this is a waiting game and no one knows how it will end. Suppose they announce him dead tomorrow. They announce raul takes over and he says business as usual. Nothing changes. Then alarcon or roque step in and still nothing changes. Its anybodys guess when where and how it will change.
    Cubamoto, a very difficult question, and this is simply a theological for discussion type question: The Christianity you speak of, does it, SUPPOSING fidel REPENTS and ACKNOWLEDGES his sins, faults and trangressions and with a pious and sincere heart asks for forgiveness (again guys, devils advocate for lack of a better word), does it allow for his redemption?

  14. Daniel, if fidel truly repented and acknowledged what he has done, taking full responsibility, part of that process is submitting himself to justice for his bad acts. Waiting for ones last breath to repent ones sins is not acknowledging them and taking responsibility. “Repenting” and then killing yourself in shame is not acknowledging your bad acts and taking responsibility. If you’re really sorry, you ain’t waiting for your deathbed to repent.
    By definition, fidel waiting for his last breath, when he is beyond retribution, before he repents of what he has done, does not do so with a truly contrite spirit. He would only be trying to get away with his sins all over again.
    Just my opinion.

  15. Daniel,
    I think that God can look into your heart and know if you are truly repentant. God will always forgive you. But your deeds always put certain natural forces into motion that must be played out. And if you wait until your last breath to repent, you can’t do anything to change that chain of events and will have to pay somehow.
    If you repent and are not dying, then to get redemption you would have to change your ways and make an attempt to atone for your sins.
    I have no idea how someone like castro can atone for all of the suffering he has caused.

  16. If we’re getting into a theological discussion, I’d like to share the evangelical point of view. Jesus Christ died for me, for you, for those that Castro’s evil reign has destroyed and God is mighty and merciful enough to have died for Castro too. If Castro or anyone else were to accept that Jesus has already paid for it on the cross. There’s nothing any of us could do by our own works to attain the perfection required of us to commune with God.
    Those that are worried that there’s some special incantation that Castro can speak with his last breath, fear not for God cannot be fooled.

  17. Would anyone like to hear my expert opinion on this issue? I know everything because I used to collaborate with Cuban espionage in academia.

  18. fifo right now is having trouble remembering (if he does at all) things that happened in his life and the people he knows. He may be relatively well physically, but definitely he is suffering from progressive cognitive deterioration, therefore he’s well past any chances of repentance. However, I’m certain that when the time comes, His Eminence Cardinal Jaime Lucas Ortega y Alamino, Archbishop of Havana, and Hijo de la Gran Pu#%, will probably come up with some sort of “absolution” for his sins.

  19. My two kilitos worth. Theologically if fidel were to truly repent “before” death. Yes he would be accepted into heaven. Christ died for sinners. The issue is whether he were repentant or scared. True repentance comes from the inner man not just from the mouth although the mouth should accompany any inner decision. Repentance is agreeing with God and with what He says you are and that is a sinner in need of salvation. There is no change of path once one is dead. So they can light bonfires of candles for him when he’s dead and unless he repents he will spend his eternity in hell.

  20. And if my aunt had balls she’s be my uncle. But why worry about it? That and Fidel repenting are very unlikely scenarios at this late stage of the game. It is unimportant whether Fidel is dead or not. What is important is his political and economic philosophy is dead. What’s next in Cuba? That’s the best question to ask. I have written extensively on that very question on my blog. If the social and economic reforms that I advocate are wrong so far no one has said so. Aside from occasional insults directed towards me and my famous ancestor, I have not been challenged. So please…those who would come here and complain about what we should do next in Cuba – go have a look at my economic proposals. analyze them thoroughly. Ask “what if.” Contact me with questions.
    We are a brotherhood in cyberspace with one goal – free the Cuban people. We all have different talents to bring to the fight. Primo Val is really good at getting out breaking news as well as documenting evil Castro has done to his own countrymen. He also exposes Americans to Cuban culture and that can only help. I know frustrations can get the best of the best men. When you get frustrated wouldn’t be better to do something to force the regime from power than to direct than anger at any of us on a public blog? A big part of this fight is psychological. We want our enemy demoralized. Anytime they read about us attacking one another it gives them the hope to carrying on. However, if something I say publicly pisses anyone off I would like to hear about it privately.

  21. If indeed fidel is dead it would be a negative only in the sense because it will show that nothing has changed. The only hope is that when and if it is made public the people on the island will rise up as we Cubans off the island are restricted from being involved thanks to the Patriot Act. It will take more than fidel’s death to gain a free Cuba.
    double or nothing?

  22. pototo,
    Ill double or nothing the bet.
    I have to disagree with your last comment. First, the ONLY reason things havent changed if castro is dead is because NOONE knows he’s dead for sure. I truly believe that what raul and his cohorts are so afraid of is that once the word comes out on the demise of the dictator things in Cuba WILL change.
    Im also not sure why you mention the Patriot Act here. Cubans in exile havent been allowed to do much about Cuba, vis-a-vis overthroiwng the government or fomenting revolt or whatnot, is because dear JFK promised the US would never allow it.

  23. By now I really hope that he is not dead. The only way that his passing will bring changes if it if happen in front of live TV cameras and some one in the studio screams “COÑO AHORA SI QUE SE CAGO EL MARICON, A CORRER CARAJO QUE EL PUEBLO NOS CAE ENCIMA”. He is just waiting for his hair to grows back after months of intensive chemotherapy

  24. By now I really hope that he is not dead. The only way that his passing will bring changes if it if happen in front of live TV cameras and some one in the studio screams “COÑO AHORA SI QUE SE CAGO EL MARICON, A CORRER CARAJO QUE EL PUEBLO NOS CAE ENCIMA”. He is just waiting for his hair to grows back after months of intensive chemotherapy.

  25. Vic,
    castro will NEVER be seen AGAIN on LIVE tv. On the other hand… little brother raul’s state of health can change at a moment’s notice… Perhaps, on live TV.

  26. Regarding the theosophical discussion of the tyrant’s eternal soul:
    If they let him into heaven, then I’m with Hatuey, I don’t want to go.

  27. Coño Gusano I those were my exact thoughs about that topic at lunch time when reading all the comments.

  28. Dear fidel lolz and anyone else who is not aware:
    Please visit the site of launidadcubana.com so you can read the plans that Unidad Cubana (an umbrella of 37 Exile organizations) and La Asamblea Para Promover La Sociedad Civil En Cuba are working on. We have a plan and we have unity with the largest Cuba pro-democracy groups on and off the island. You may also want to join The Cuba Corps (www.thecubacorps.com)which is a non profit organization dedicated to offering humanitarian aid in all areas of reconstruction of a civil society. It seeks recruitment, classification and organization, training and eventual deployment of a corps of volunteers going to Cuba for brief periods to contribute their experience, skills and knowledge to build a democratic Cuban society.
    As for fifo’s repentant soul (ASSuming he has one): G-d does not forgive one’s transgressions against another human being. One has to seek forgiveness from the injured party. What are the chances that he’ll be able to or even want to ask each of his victims or survivors for forgiveness?
    Fat chance! There is a special place reserved for fifo where he’ll finally meet one of his greatest inspirations… hitler. I’m sure they’ll be warm and toasty together.

  29. To all,
    When I said my only hope that he was dead and meets his maker, was because I knew at that moment he will get what is coming to him. As a convinced Communist and atheist I doubt very much he will seek repentance because he does not believe there is a God. But when he does meet him he will be dealt swiftly and justly by Him. There is no doubt in my mind where he will end: HELL. He has broken every single Commandment and there is a penalty to pay for that. Late repentance induced by fear of death will not do. He will go where he deserves to be and join his other comrades there: Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot,Hitler, Mao and other assorted evil men. But in my opinion he is very close to death and when it finally happens, that will be a new beginning for Cuba. As a Catholic Christian I cannot wish death on anyone, but in his case (forgive me God) I will ask God for an exception. We need his passing from the scene ASAP.

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