He’s got my vote (Updated)

If true, this announcement is great news. Fred Thompson is the last, best hope for what is left of Ronald Reagan’s Republican Party. If he turns out to be another case of RRDS, he may be the last (R) I vote for. However, that said, I’ll vote for him in the primary, I’ll vote for him in the general election, I’ll donate to his campaign and to his PACs, I’ll even work and write for him.
Let’s go, Fred. Our time’s runnin’ out…
Update: Looks like it’s pretty much official.

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  1. I’m glad to see support for Fred Thompson growing as fast as it is. You are correct in your sense that Fred may be the last hope for the Republican Party. By waiting as long as he has to declare his candidacy he has given the other Republican contenders a chance to show their more obvious weaknesses. I look for Fred to fight communism, and I hope he starts out close to home.

  2. First – Rosie leaves The View.
    Second – Cindy Sheehan gives up.
    Third – Fred Thompson announces his candidacy.
    That’s what I call a Trifecta of Good News. =D

  3. I was all excited, too, until I heard Rush say earlier today he’s being backed by the pubbie establishment.
    Which is why we’re in the mess we’re in……

  4. “Pubbie establishment”? Do you mean Republican establishment? And if not them, who?

  5. Rush fielded a call from a Ron Paul/Tancredo supporter who basically accused Fred! of being a liberal for backing McCain/Feingold campaign finance “reform”. While this was a mistake on Thompson’s part, his most recent statements on the record seem to admit that it was wrong to support this legislation retrospect.
    There are no perfect candidates- never have been, and never will be- and it’s very unrealistic for conservatives to only support a candidate who has maintained perfect ideological purity throughout that given politician’s career. The bottom line is that Fred Thompson is clear and away the best communicator out there in the Republican field, he has gravitas-galore and is perceived as a straight-shooter, his appeal will extend to moderate voters, and in my opinion he will be a steadfast Commander-in-Chief who will be a movement conservative – one of us – in office. It’s time to get behind Fred now, and stop the RINO candidates before they split the Republican coalition.

  6. Amen.
    Here are some my litmus test issues in no particular order: (1) defense policy (the stronger, the better, and that means you too, Cuba), (2) gun ownership, (3) a pro-life stance, (4) fiscal policy of low taxation and greatly reduced federal spending and entitlements, (5) less federal control of [fill in the blank]. There are more bit those are key to me.

  7. I will be celebrating today with such good news. I have been following his speeches now for a few months and I have yet not to like one of them. He seems to be very well informed on the Cuba issues.
    Like Marta said, we have had a trifecta this week!!!! I’m celebrating with some good arroz con pollo tonight…Marta’s recipe of course.

  8. I may be shot for saying this among a group of Fred supporters but I’m rooting for Rudy. My reason is simple- I don’t think Fred (who I think is a fine candidate and I would like to see on the ticket with Rudy) can beat Hillary if they both get the nominations. I do believe that Rudy is the only one capable of keeping that farting pile of trailer park trash out of the white house. I can think of no nightmare that’s scarier, no scenario more disgusting than to see that woman as the leader of our country. Yes I know Giuliani is not a conservative favorite but he will still make a great president. And more importantly- HE CAN BEAT HILLARY. And to that end, I have to get behind Rudy.

  9. Claudia, no I don’t think anyone would shoot you. Although I like what I have seen of Fred Thompson up to now, I would support any Republican Candidate that can beat Hillary. The thought of that (fill in your own word), being president is just too scarey.

  10. Claudia with all due respect (and you certainly deserve a lot of it) I’ve been following presidential politics since I was 7 years old, That’s 30 years now, and in order to win the presidency you have to win your party’s nomination and, mark my words, Rudy will NEVER be the Republican candidate. First of all he’s not a conservative. The Republican base wants someone it can be energized about and liberal NY Republican isn’t it. Besides, I think you overestimate Rudy’s appeal and ability to beat Hilary. There’s only 2 Republicans that I could see as destroying Hilary in a debate and they are Fred Thompson and Newt Gingrich. I think Thompson brings a lot of the qualities of Gingrich without a lot of the baggage. None of the other candidates in the Republican field is worth a warm bucket of spit.

  11. Henry’s exactly right, Claudia. Rudy can never be the candidate, because he has successfully alienated 3 of the biggest blocs of the Republican Coalition- the Social Conservatives, because of his gay marriage stance, the Pro-Lifers, because of his abortion stance, and the Guns Rights/NRA crowd, because of his support of more restrictive gun laws. What support he would gain from pro-choicers and moderates in a general election, were he the candidate, would not offset what he would lose from what constitutes the base of the Republican Party.
    I think Fred will make Hillary so nervous prior to thode debates that she may very well wet her pants. She will not be able to play the victim card with him, because he’s a folksy, genial fellow who isn’t the threatening type. Since liberals are bereft of ideas, she will start these debates in a box to begin with, and Fred will ultimately limit the number of cheap debating points she will try and score, in effect checkmating her.
    And don’t worry Claudia- you won’t be excommunicated, tortured, or shot for having a different point of view about this. We’re not the Kos-Kool-aid Krowd. We’re busy fighting fascism and authoritarianism, not practicing it ourselves.

  12. I totally understand and appreciate what you guys are saying- Fred would be great but I hope he can get the momentum behind him that Rudy already has. Bottom line, HILLARY MUST BE STOPPED.

  13. The general election is in 17 months. An eternity. Momentum at this point doesn’t mean anything. Right now the important thing is fund raising and I don’t think Thompson is going to have a lot of trouble in that area.

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