Oh Brother, Today Show in Cuba…

As if the regular media’s coverage of Cuba wasn’t enough to make one want to puke, the reigning king of morning infotainment, The Today Show, will be going to Cuba.
You’ll remember that NBCs Nightly News with Brian Williams visited Cuba back in September and essentially reported zero on the political prisoners, the dissidents, etc.
If the Chicago Tribune can have its Havana correspondent unceremoniously expelled by Cuba for reporting that was “inconvenient” to the regime without as much as a whimper from the company, what are we to expect from Matt Lauer, whose trip “took 18 months to arrange”? Don’t blame the embargo or travel restrictions for that; as a working journalist Lauer has carte blanche to go to Cuba anytime he wants. I wonder what was negotiated away by NBC in those 18 months for the privilege of entering the country. What kind of propaganda soft core journalism will come out of this little adventure? I’m sure something about the best suntan lotion to use in the caribbean is in order.
Silver Lining: At least Perky Katie isn’t around at NBC to attack the exile community and pump up castro inc.

4 thoughts on “Oh Brother, Today Show in Cuba…”

  1. “Besides examining Cuba’s political future, “Today” plans stories on the impact of the U.S. embargo on both countries.”
    I can’t wait for the castroite interviews bemoaning the starvation and shortages they suffer because of the embargo. Anyone want to bet that Matt Lauer and crew won’t notice how well stocked their hotel is in comparison, and I also bet you won’t hear the word apartheid cross their lips.

  2. Might as well send a dozen blind mice in the place of The Today Show host & entourage. Same effect. I’m so tired of this MSM shit.

  3. Henry,
    This is way too easy. You should be ashamed of yourself.
    I can see the promos now.
    Where in the world is Matt Lauer? How about a Gulag?
    Ann Curry will be telling us about where to dine in Cuba on $10 bucks a month.
    We’ll have Roberto Alarcon on to tell us of how Cuba has recycled fidel’s colostomy bags to produce electrical power for Cuba.
    We’ll take you to an election polling center, lets clean the cobwebs off this one.
    We’ll visit a Cuban hospital. Just give us time to get all the medical equipment on the island in one clean place.
    Oh and Meredith, bring your own sheets and TP.
    And Al Roker presents a story on how if he lived in Cuba he would be so hungry he wouldn’t have needed that gastric bi-pass operation.
    And instead of Rockefeller Plaza, we are here on the Plaza of the Revolution. We’re talking to Raul here who wants more money from his brother to buy Johnnie Walker. Say with that bulletproof army cap you look awfully familiar.
    “This is Today on NBC”.

  4. Maybe I’ve read way too many secret plot thrillers or something, but my crazy mind started thinking the following;
    Lately there have been rumors stated on various Cuban interest shows in Miami, on how there are talks between the current Cuban government and the US government with the purpose of there not being a mass exodus from the island on the heels of the announcement of the Placenta’s death. There has been speculation as to how the US would help Raulita, keep the peace, etc. etc.
    So could it be that the TODAY show is wanting to subliminally manipulate American thinking into lifting the embargo, so that Americans write to their legislators? All this after an inconspicuous remark of some top level government official to some top level guy at NBC? Could this be possible or I have an overactive imagination????

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