A month’s rations in Cuba

I found this list on netscape.ca though the source isn’t given.

Here is what the average Cuban gets each month on the government’s subsidized food ration at a cost of about 33 Cuban pesos, or about $1.30. It provides 10 to 15 days of nutritional needs each month. Cubans have other food sources, including meals at work and school, and can buy products at farmers’ markets and at more expensive supermarkets.
Rice, 6 pounds.
Dried beans, 10 ounces.
White sugar, 3 pounds.
Brown sugar, 2 pound.
Coffee, 4 ounces.
Cooking oil, about 2 cups.
Eggs, 10
Salt, 12 ounces.
Bath or laundry soap, 1 bar.
Toothpaste, one tube
Dried pasta, 8 ounces.
Crackers, 1 pound.
Fish, 10 ounces.
Cacao (sweetened cocoa powder) 8 ounces.
Chicken, 8 ounces.
Other meat products, a little less than 1 pound. Can be any mix of chicken, hot dogs, a ham-like product called “jamonada” and “picadillo texturizdo,” a ground beef-type mixture mostly of soy.
Bread rolls, 30 a month.
Potatoes, 4 pounds.
Liquid detergent, 1 plastic bottle.

Next time you sit down at Outback Steakhouse and order the 14 OZ Outback Special steak I’d like for you to remember that in Cuba a person gets less Chicken for a month than beef you are about to consume in one night. Notice that the only things that come in pounds are cheap items such as rice and potatoes that have very little nutritional value.
I wonder if Matt Lauer ate like a Cuban for a couple of months if his reporting might be a little better informed.

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  1. Rationing Book began on March 1962
    The following rationing is for the City of Habana ONLY! For those living outside of the City the rationing is even less.
    6 lbs. Rice
    20 oz Beans (black, red etc.) whatever beans is available that month.
    ½ lb Oil
    11 oz Fish (whatever fish is available that month)
    8 Eggs (if they are available)
    ½ lb Chicken
    1 lb Soy ground beef (when available)
    2 oz Coffee every 15 days (Mixture of ground coffee and ground chicharos)
    ½ lb Pasta (whatever type is available that month)
    4-8 lbs. Potatoes every three months.
    1 Bar of bath soap every two months (for family nucleus)
    1 Bar detergent soap every two months (for family nucleus)
    1 liter liquid detergent every three months (for family nucleus)
    1 Tube toothpaste (for every 4 persons. two if between 5-8)
    Sugar, salt when available
    Children under 7 years old
    1 Kilogram of powder milk every 10 days. (10 cans evaporated milk under doctor’s
    orders if the child can’t tolerate powder milk).
    13 jars Baby Food (from 1 month old to 3 years only)
    1 liter Soya Yogurt (from 7 – 13 years old only). Half the time the yogurt has
    spoiled due to the defective packaging.

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